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vf basic mods

  1. J

    wn caprice v to vf gts front end

    Hey all Ok, so, just picked up a wn cappy v and its basically gone straight on the hoist for a host of upgrades, but, i don't (and i don't think anyone does) like the front ends. So that brings me to my question, vf front end swap? To my knowledge the front frame is identical back to 2006...
  2. J

    Can you change colour of stereo?

    I have got a vf s2 sv6... I was just wondering if anyone knows how to change the colour of the screen on the stereo? It’s red ... also because it’s only a standard sv6 the stereo doesn’t have satnav... Does anyone know if there is a update chip or something that I can put in to get satnav? I’m...
  3. D

    28 days until TUNE (advice on E85 and supporting mods please)

    Hello All Before my Ramjet otr and tune (GM Motorsports $990 special) on a VF SS ute auto. I am looking for lowdown throttle response & torque primarily (peak kw is a bonus) but can't justify $4k on quality full S/S exhaust As this is a new car and I may need to claim warranty I want to...