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vg ute

  1. A

    VG ute mods

    Looking to install a roof wing on my VG ute, was wondering if anyone has had a crack at it? Something like this, also how's the sunvisor look on one of these?
  2. C

    Vg has lost its balls all of a sudden‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Hello I have a 1992 vg commo it is duel fuel and I am having an issue regarding power loss (balls and response not electrical) Back story: put her in for a roadworthy got a long list to fix up mostly minor though the list included exhaust and air box which I beleive are the culprets of my...
  3. V

    vg ute manual conversion

    hi all, just in the process of converting the old mans vg ute from a 4 speed colum auto to a 5 speed on the floor, iv aquired most parts(interior out of a vr, handbrake,pedal box, 8 bolt flywheel, clutch and box). any tips or advice would be appreciated, auto box is out, linkages are out just...
  4. A

    handbreak not working properly

    Hi, i have a VG ute and i am a bit confused about my handbreak, it workes fine when facing downhill but if im facing uphill and apply the handbreak it just doesnt work. it just doesnt make any sence to me. Thanks.
  5. A

    vg ute cultch problems

    Hi, i have just bought a 1991 vg 3.8l manual commodore ute and have noticed that the clutch seems to be slipping and i was wondering if anyone knows how to check the clutch fluid/ top it up?
  6. L

    3.8L Manual VG ute

    I have decided it's time to start overhauling my VG. It is a stock 3.8L buick with a 5 speed, from what i'm told this is a rare combo. I dont know weather to rebuild the 3.8L, or drop in a 5L. Any advice would be great.