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vh commodore

  1. A

    vh ls1 & 4l60 conversion

    hey guys, putting a ls1 & 4l60 into my vh commodore, 4l60 has been rebiult and shift kitted,3500 highstall convertor. ls1 is carby with a 750 holley & victor jr edelbrock manifold. does any one have any tips or info on a shifter i could use keeping it close to factory look if possible? also...
  2. K

    VH 253 Problem

    I have a VH 253, 4spd, performance manifold, extractors, 600 Holley. After driving for about 25-30 minutes every time she starts choking and cuts out. I have replaced the needle and seat in the carb but no change at all. To get her to fire back up I give the carb a few taps and might get anther...
  3. Inside Garage

    Todd's 8 second street driven VH Commodore

    We travelled to Geelong to check out Todd’s very fast VH Commodore, the ultimate combo of race car meets street car!! Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/insidegaragetv/
  4. vscom88

    Vs l67 into VH running rough and crossfiring when cold only

    My ecotec (l67 top swapped) runs like a bag of **** and fouled up 4 of 6 iridium plugs only when cold. It's currently in a for a tune but we can't get the damn thing going properly despite mucking around with AFRs and map/maf tunes. It would idle lean (as per the wideband gauge) and once at...
  5. BigD

    VH wheel size

    Hello there I have a VH and had Vy S-pac rims on it, at the time thats all that i thought would fit on the car. I tried to fit Vx SS wheels but it seems that the tyre would rub on the front struts -_- Im pretty sure the Vy rims where 16x7 and the Vx SS where 17x8 not 100% but something like...
  6. juiceie vh sle

    Kempy's VH SL/E 355i

    hey all thought it was about time i chucked up a thread of the project im working on its a 1982 dark blue VH SL/E. it originally had a 202 trimatic in it but i quickly pulled that out to make way for a injected 355 . the body is straight and the paint is fairly neat as it has had a respray some...
  7. B

    VH Commodore 355

    Here she is. My 1983 VH Commodore with a 355 Stroker, harrop crank and manifold, scat rods, custom pistons, yella terra vn style heads with platinum shaft mounted rockers and 975 BG Carb. Front end is detailed including plated cross member, full nolathane bushings, 90/10 shocks, king springs...
  8. L

    VH Commodore Front Apron/Lower valance

    Hi, does anyone know where i can get a new front apron or valance? Mine is a bit buckled and dented. It's a waste of Time trying to fix up old one when a new one can be welded on. It's just a matter of finding one. Actually just saw previous thread saying rare spares stock it. I searched...
  9. B

    VH Comodore 308 Clutch Cable to Hydraulic Conversion

    Hi, I was hoping to get some advice. I have a hit a bit of a road block with the clutch setup on my VH. Engine is setup up to run a Ford 4-speed Top Loader (I know its a Ford, but they are near bullet proof), with an Exedy race clutch setup. Throw out fork and bell housing I have is for a...
  10. joshc236

    Racing Clutch Kits and Gearbox for VH

    Does anyone know how much a racing clutch kit and gearbox would be and where i could get one from to fit a 1982 4 speed vh.
  11. joshc236

    where can i get a Blue 308 to fit a VH

    does anyone no where i can get a blue 308 to fit a 1982 4 speed VH?
  12. joshc236

    VH Supercharged

    I was wondering if you could put a supercharger in a VH?