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vh ss

  1. V

    Vh ss model vh8vk69-xv2 group 3 or not ???

    Hi Guy's I have just bought a vh ss and I am trying to work out if it is a group three or not any help would be appreciated model VH8VK69-XV2 body 581839-A trim 1980-79T paint 1F 075-D built DEC 82 ENG L31 TRANS M21 AXLE GU4 I have been told the vh built either side of this...
  2. Darren_L

    82 vh ss

    Hi all, just joined up. Here's my ride. I bought it about 5 years ago, as a stock VH SS (4.2L 4spd). It was sold to me by a dodgy sort of guy who had performed a quick paintjob on it and obviously wanted to make a few bucks. It was wtock right down to the original SS 14 inch Cheviot alloy...