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  1. PrincessPet

    VZ 3.6L Alloytech engine vibration

    OMG where do I start? So the VZ ute had an oil leak, I traced it to the timing cover and since it was such a big job I booked it in at our mechanic to replace. When I got there, the water pump **** itself so that needed replacing as after I degreased the engine bay, it was spewing coolant out...
  2. J

    Vibration and shavings in oil.

    Hi all, I Have noticed a vibration around 2000rpm (comes around then, then goes) and maybe at a higher rpm, hard to tell. Ive done a oil change and noticed very small shavings in the oil, some appear to be copper? what should I be looking at before I make the call to strip the engine down...
  3. C

    Vibration when accelerating to 60

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but please correct me and I will move it. There is vibration when accelerating and going 60 in my 98 VT, the car has been in an accident but it only started happening since I got a new crank angle sensor installed does anyone know what it could...
  4. Robbo77

    Unknown Issue causing shudder and vibration

    TL,DR shudder/vibration under car when it feels like it Clunk when driving off at times "Helicopter" sound from rear of car Mechanic reckons no loose or obvious wear from inspection Diff oil was low when he serviced it Sorry for the long post guys just wanted to get as much info in as possible...
  5. L

    Help ve sv6 low rpm rattle/vibration

    My car is a 2006 ve sv6 6 spd manual. I have this issue where at low rpm between 1200 and 2000 rpm I get this vibration/rattle when accelerating out of a corner or from a stop. It's only present between this rpm range, it is not present if the car is in neutral and I rev it through the range...
  6. Kevin1962

    MY17 SSV Redline Automatic, driveline(?) Vibration 85 to 95kmh

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum, and a suggestion from another member to post a new thread on my issue. So, I have an SSV Redline auto that I ordered from new, after 6 months finally got it in late October 2017. I've only done 1600kms in it and notice a driveline vibration between 85 and 95. It...
  7. S

    Rear end vibration

    Hi guys, looking for any advice regarding a rear end vibration. I recently had a diff upgrade done (4.1 gears and a torsion/torque worm LSD). While driving back home I noticed a vibration while driving at 85-100k/hr. The next weekend while driving the car around the block the gearbox decided it...
  8. Jerry Keat

    VT commodore V6 high speed vibration

    my 2000 Vt sedan has a high speed vibration. Most pronounced at 90-100 km/h. Pulls to the left despite recent front end alignment & tyre switch. Tyres are new. Recon tail shaft fitted last week. Any ideas? thanks for your help..
  9. Dan24

    VY SS vibration

    Hey guys been a while since Iv posted on here but need some help. Recently picked up a 2003 VY SS. Now when driving at say 90-100km I get a serve vibration in the steering wheel and also at braking at speed I get the vibration. Any ideas? Just had a wheel alignment, still pulls to the left...
  10. J

    Bad vibration VS UTE

    Hi guys! Driving the vs ute today and occasionally when driving it gets a shocking vibration through the whole car. The best way i can describe it is it sounds exactly like you have driven over the bumpy road markings on the edge of a highway! Only happens occasionally for 2-3 seconds at speeds...
  11. M

    VT Auto Transmission service, now slipping and not changing

    Hi All, Just had a mechanic do a basic service to my auto transmission. Car has 160000kms on it and not sure of the history in regards to the servicing of the transmission. Before the service the transmission was working correctly, i have had a strong vibration in the car which i believe is...
  12. akarshmalikal

    Vibration and lack of power.

    Hey Mates, I Have commodore vz berlina V6. Car vibrates the start of the day and when waiting in signal light... It vibrates sometimes.. not all the time. And another issue when i am driving car at noon and when i apply full acceleration it jst makes loud sound but the speed...
  13. C

    Not your usual brake issue

    Hey all I recently acquired my first Commodore (05 VZ Exec V6 Auto). Issue is when I pull up to the lights in drive, the brake pedal sort of vibrates under your foot. Also does it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but not neutral. Any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. S

    VS Calais Interior Vibration

    I own a VS Series 2 Calais and had done a Auto to T5 Manual Conversion to a VT Ecotec motor which ran perfectly Originally there was a small but not too noticeable vibration in the interior then about 2 months ago the gear box started to play up so I went and got a VN-VS T5 Gearbox and put it...
  15. V

    VX vibrations from rear

    Hi guys I just moved to Australia, and buying a Commodore seemed like the only way to get the full Aussie experience out of the 6 months I'm here! But there are troubles in paradise, and since I don't know any mechanic I can trust on this continent, I hope that you can help me out:) So, I...
  16. S

    Please Help

    Cant find cause of several problems, any idea's appreciated. Vx series1, Bad vibration/ shudder on drivers side when braking mostly down hill from 100+k to any from 80-60 km. Replaced all front end bushes, pads and dba rotors. New tires, alignment, balance done. Checked suspension and within...
  17. R

    VE Calais Glove Box Door Removal due to vibration

    Morning guys! I have noticed a really annoying vibration / rattle coming from the glove box door of my 2006 VE Calais. It appears to be in or around the lock it's self. Really ruins the driving experience when you have an annoying rattle. So back to my question, does anyone know how to remove...
  18. A

    A hello from KSA & a few issues with my Lumina..

    Hi fellow Holdeners.. I hail from Saudi Arabia.. I own a '04 Chevy Lumina LS(Commodre VZ) and came across this forum searching for repair manuals... I must say there are a lot of passionate people in here...!! I am passionate myself but lack the techincal know-how, although I try my best to...
  19. drizzlebut

    94 VR S Pack Ute Questions: speed alert, vibrations through brake

    Hi guys, I've recently bought a 94 VS ute S pack which doesn't have the speed alert in the dash, is there a plug for one behind the dash? I'm not keen on cutting a hole to try find out just yet. Also, when I brake there is a shuddering/vibration that comes through the pedal and the auto...
  20. S

    Rough acceleration and vibration in '95 VS???

    I recently bought a 4-speed auto V6 '95 VS Commodore with only 180,000km, totally straight and nanna driven all its life. There are just a couple of things I want to know so I can fix it; 1) only in foward gears (not reverse, park or neutral) it makes a vibration when stopped with the brakes...
  21. P

    Vibration at Idle

    Hi guys, my first post on the forum, but long time lurker. I have a 1996 Vs series 2. When i first start the car i have a noticeable vibration through the car. After 10 mins of driving totally disappears. Also does not happen when i start the car when it is warm, or been driven in the last...
  22. dah_man_ben

    Steering Wheel Vibration

    Hi. Just wanted to know if anybody knew what was going on with my VYII Berlina... Whenever I go over bumps in the road (ie. Dips, Potholes etc), the steering wheel gets a lot of vibration feedback and if you don't hold it, you can actually see it vibrate by itself. The whole column seems to...
  23. V

    VY Series 2 V6 Rattle at mid-high rpm

    Gday all, Just driving around today around on the freeway, ect and i thought i'd put the boot in at a set of lights, only to hear this unearthly rattle/vibration coming from the mid/mid right section under the hood. Since then i have noticed the sound whenever the car pulls past about 3000rpm...
  24. T

    Tailshaft - non replaceable parts?

    I have a vibration that I suspect is a problem with the tailshaft. Took the car in for a full service, new tyres, the lot, and asked them to check the vibration. They found that 2 of the 4 centre bearing bolts were gone from one side so they replaced them. They said that they couldn't see...
  25. voodoo VT

    Do I have a rooted gearbox?

    I have just finished fitting a L67 and box. :dance: Something is running out of alignment, I was thinking torque converter, as the vibration can be heard from bell housing the strongest, (only when car is in gear) so I went about changing to standard torque converter out of my N/A. as fair as...
  26. P

    The OFFICIAL VE ALLOYTEC V6 SUPER MASSIVE FUN HAPPY TIME exhaust thread!!!!!!!11!!!!

    I went to my local exhaust shop today and the guy told me tht i would get a nice deep rumble sound on my ve ute sv6 if i just put mufflers in with ss tips. Any comments on what this wud sound like pls let me know.