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  1. N

    P plate help and mods

    Hey guys! I'm new to this whole website and these posts if I'm doing something wrong just tell me! I've got a original VL turbo Calais. The car is a rolling shell at the moment as I have taken the turbo engine out to do a full respray. I just bought a RB30E engine which is currently sitting in...
  2. K

    [VIC] Victorian Club rego and P plate laws

    Ok, So i'm looking at ways that I can drive my 1981 Kingswood WB 253 as a p plater, which I'm most likely going to put on club plates and stumbled across this on the Vic Roads page about club regos "Club Permit A club permit vehicle is not classified as a probationary prohibited vehicle...
  3. H

    [VIC] Need to find out if i can turn off Traction control in VE Omega..!!

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone know about how to turn off traction control on VE Omega 2006, yes i have tried pressing the button but NO it dose not work, nothing happens..!! the sports shift button works but not traction control.:hmmm:
  4. T

    Mechanics and tuners in VIC

    Hey guys. Just curious as to what mechanics, tuners, workshops people would recommend. Anything from oil changes and servicing to building engines. Looking for a new workshop as I've just bought a holden, coming from the import scene. 2 totally different worlds haha Thanks guys!
  5. C

    [VIC] WTB VX SS spoiler

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) (perhaps a bodykit depending on conidition and pricing) ITEM: VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) LOCATION: Victoria, Mornington CONDITION: Preferably new. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay postage, or travel to/near Melbourne...

    Venetians legal for roadworthy?

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum so sorry if I've placed this thread into the wrong section :/ But I'm just wanting to know whether just rear venetians are legal in Victoria? Thanks :)
  7. holdengirl17

    [VIC] 2001 series II vx exec with hsv lookalike body kit, vt ss rims

    ITEM: Hi, i want to sell my car, simply becuase i want need wagon/family car. regretful sale. VX 2001 SERIES II 245,500km white with the hsv clubsport colour on side skirts and bumpers. interior is in fantastic condition, i replaced the seats and door trims with vx acclaim seats. also...
  8. aussieakito

    Illegal things

    Hey guys, Im not sure if i posted this in the right area please guide me to the right area if i didnt already put this in the right area. I was just wondering if some of things where illegal. -Mirror Tini -Airbag suspension -Tinted indicator and brake lights -Neons (i dont like them...