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  1. Matt SS-V

    VF Series 2 Mylink Add-ins?, Mods? or Replacement?

    I've got a MY17 SS-V Redline and am pretty disappointed with Mylink in regards to lack of features and issues with blutooth streaming. In short, I want to either augment the infotainment system with something or in the worst case replace it entirely. My preference is definitely to add...
  2. MayhemOfHell

    Carputer - Next Level In Car Entertainment

    How far would you go to have the ultimate in car entertainment system that would be he envy of any expert in the industry with your home built system…. For some people, when it comes to their vehicles. They like to have the luxury of home or just something to kill the background noises. In my...
  3. BE39ER

    Jerry's 94 VR Berlina project Video

    Hey guys, Just thought id throw up a lil vid I made of my project Vr. ‪Vr Commodore project‬‏ - YouTube I hope you enjoy watchin it as much as I enjoy drivin it :)
  4. Shamous69

    Lukey Exhaust fitted.. video with sound

    Had a lukey sports exhaust fitted to my Omega, was a bit worried at first that it was quiet but it's gotten a bit better after 1,000km of spirited driving. YouTube - VE Commodore Omega V6 with Lukey Straight Thru muffler IN CAR VIDEO: YouTube - Holden Commodore VE Omega V6 with Lukey...