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  1. Dynamic Dazz

    Laptop plugged into iq can it be done?

    Hey guys My work car a VE has a computer connected to a touchscreen mounted to dash similar to Police cars....I use a wifi keyboard and wireless printer.....Now Im wondering if its possible to connect to IQ screen......any ideas ?? Dazz
  2. A

    VIM and RSE activation

    I have a series 2 SV6 MY12 I have had the VIM and RSE activation done by Tonkins in Adelaide. However.....I'm not sure what to do now as its function is a mystery to me and not what I anticipated. I was hoping to be able to plug a usb into the usb plug in the centre console and play movies...
  3. boneart

    Reversing camera and VIM fitted - How to

    Hi guys. Just installed a reversing camera setup in my VE SS-V and learned a lot doing it so thought it might be useful info for others. The Commodore has a huge blind spot at the back with the high boot and huge fin which makes it a bit dangerous backing sometimes and also quite difficult...