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    VB Commodore VIN

    G'day all I've recently stumbled upon a barn find VB Commodore with 26000ks on the clock and need help with the details. Done a revs check with the vin number and it brang up no details at all.... VIN- 8K69RJH976553B Model- 8VK69BR Body- 976553-S Trim- 1952-77V Paint- 567-30851 Eng- L36 Trans-...
  2. S

    Hsv vn ss

    Heya, got a bloke trying to sell a HSV VN SS and i wanted to know where i should ask to find if its genuine. I'm not sure if HSV even made an ss model, and what it should look like if it really is one. the VIN reads - 6H8VNK19ULL445--- which i guess translates to a Holden VN (K)...