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  1. JACKO4590

    Interior painted - Show me what you have done

    Ok so I want to paint all of my dash and any plastic areas inside the car. I know what i am roughly going with colour choice but I want to know what others have done and what they look like. A lot of the order post don't have pictures anymore on the forums so I want to know how good is it...
  2. T

    Trai's Wrapped SV6, Wrapped satin pearl white (Pictures)

    Model: 2008 60th Anniversary SV6 ute Gearbox: 6 Speed manual Suspension: SSSL King springs all round (Rolled rear guards) Exhaust: 2.5' Walkinshaw catback system Intake: Orssom OTR w/ k&n panel filter Exterior: (Pictures at bottom :) ) Vinyl wrapped in avery dennison satin pearl white...
  3. dashdown98

    Painting Speaker Pods?

    I had VS Commodore speaker pods installed into my VP recently. I tried to match up the colours as best I could but the blue interior of my car is a lot darker than the pods I installed. Is there somewhere I could get vinyl paint matched up to my darker blue? Or just paint them red like my roof...
  4. Paul_grima

    Vinyl dye Comments..

    Just Painted the dash White and Black just wondering what yous think of the colours. Thanks Pauli. :)
  5. davo43

    Can't seem to source a leather auto shifter boot - help!

    Hey guys, Does anyone know the part number or where to source a genuine leather shifter boot for a vz auto?? I ordered a part from Holden which was described as "4 seam, anthracite stitch, leather shift boot" and it turned up and it was vinyl - just like my executive but with 4 seams...