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vk calais

  1. J

    Vk calais dash swap.

    I have a 85' vk SL rolling shell was a factory est. I want to put the calais dash and surround in which i have sitting here. How hard is it to put the electronic dash in and connect it up? Is there any difference in the dash looms. Small things like that.. That i might need to change or look for...
  2. B

    PLEASE HELP. VK Calais Tags

    Hi people. I'm looking for help with some Calais Tags. I recently travelled a long way to what was suppose to be a full matching number VK Calais only to find a mix match of numbers and a VJ prefix 304 engine from a VL. The tag on the radiator support suggests the VK was an SL. The owner says he...
  3. worked ssv

    Vk 304 won't fire

    hay guys Pretty stuck on my build at the moment I'm doing an injected 304 into vk, I'm ready to fire my fresh built vn 304 I know everything is in working order, I have spark but no fuel, it will fire on aero start, when I turn the key the external fuel pump does its initial prime, but not a...
  4. E

    VK Calais 202 to LS Conversion

    Hi All, I am looking at swapping out the seized 202 from my VK Calais and putting in an LS. So obviously it is going to be a lot of work and money but I'm up for the challenge. What are some things that I need to keep in mind when doing this build? What diff & brakes would be best...
  5. S

    Vk engine bay

    Hey all, I need a reaaaallllyyyy big favour! Okay so I currently own a 1985 vk calais with a 202 black motor with a trimatic gearbox. Here's the problem: as nice as the police can be and they honestly do a great job, they have defected my car for tyres (only thing thats realllyy wrong with...
  6. G

    [SA] FS Garage Cleanout various VK Calais parts and Holden V8 Parts

    LOCATION: (SA – Adelaide) DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick up from Adelaide or will post at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or cash on pick up CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: Please list as many details as possible PICTURES: can email pics if...
  7. C

    vk throw out bearing help

    Hi just, I got a m-76 manual conversion for my vk calais with a brand new heavy duty clutch kit. However after a week of driving, the clutch wouldn't engage properly, even with the cable fully adjusted. I took out the box and realized the throw out bearing had actually cracked where it pivots...
  8. C

    Will VE SSV Wheels Fit on a VK Calais?

    Hey guys, pretty much what the title ask, Will VE SSV wheels on my VK Calais?? :hmmm: Iv'e been told they should fit fine, but would rather ask people who know there stuff before forking out $800 for a set of wheels haha Thanks Guys.
  9. sle10pack

    My fave Holden's

    Hi all - here some pics of my Holdens. 2 VB's - a 11/78 and 3/79...and a original VK....plus my drean car - a VB 308 310 pack - on gas - a real head turner - but stolen :( Plus 2 original JB SL/e's....
  10. M

    Fixing electric sunroof ?

    Hey everyone, just wondering where ( if i can ) buy some parts for my electric sunroof in my vk calais, the switch works, but the sunroof doesn't go backwards or forwards, it used too about 6 months ago, but now it has stopped ( just grinds and crunches ) Otherwise does anyone make any...