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vk commodore


    Making a custom cluster for a vk

    Hey guys iv got a 84 vk 308 with a bit of work done to it and im wanting to make a custom cluster for it has anyone done this on here and have any tips? Or suggestions. My odometer stopped 81k can you get electronic ones to keep track of what your doing or just forget about the ks? Cheers
  2. VK Group C replica road car

    VK Group C replica road car

    I was back in Aus last week & pulled the old girl out of storage, gave her a clean, lowered the rear, added a couple of new decals.
  3. Vk vf build

    Vk vf build

    This is my vk build inspired by the vf commodore.
  4. MatesRates

    [TAS] WTB VK Bumper Reo

    ITEM: Wanted: VK Commodore Bumper Reo LOCATION: Launceston, Tasmania CONDITION: New or used, as long as its straight. PRICE: $150ish? Gotta be honest I don't know what bumper reo tends to go for.. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Delivery preferred, willing to pay shipping PAYMENT OPTIONS: Can...
  5. Inside Garage

    INSIDE GARAGE: Anthony's '85 VK Commodore

    We are two mates traveling around Australia going inside garages to get the story behind some awesome cars and their owners. We have a YouTube channel called INSIDE GARAGE. Keen to see what you think. This feature we travel to Camden, NSW and talk to Anthony about his unique 1985 VK Commodore...
  6. Inside Garage

    INSIDE GARAGE: Anthony's '85 VK Commodore

    We are two mates traveling around Australia going inside garages to get the story behind some awesome cars and their owners. We have a YouTube channel called INSIDE GARAGE. Keen to see what you think. This feature we travel to Camden, NSW and talk to Anthony about his unique 1985 VK Commodore...
  7. M

    VK Vin Number

    Hi all, any help would be apreciated... Trying to check vin to VK Commodore, but can't work out the engine code, Just wondering if it might be the 4.9ltr as i can't find the engine code for it... But saying that, i'm sure the 4.9ltr only came out in the Group A... 8K19GFL1*****K I know it's: 8...
  8. sam roycroft

    unsure to buy v8 or v6 to v8 conversion

    So been doing some research and I really want a vk project but am hearing that it's better to buy one with a v8 in it and start there v6 to v8 conversion will be fun but expensive if anyone has done this would like to know some advise
  9. L

    Vk SL 1985 3.3l IDEAS?

    Picked up at VK 1985 model, 4 spd manual, 3.3l - not fuel injected. car is perfect condition, no rust what-so-ever, interior is blue, perfect condition. 113k on speedo, motor runs beautiful. Planning to keep it as 6cyl manual, anyone got any ideas what I can do to this little motor to get...
  10. L

    Delete thread.

    Delete thread, duplicate.
  11. C

    Vk commodore

    Was wondering If I would be able to turbo a 3.8 l v6 vk 1986,and what turbo would be best.
  12. Whos Magic

    VK interior needs reupholstering

    I have a VK commodore, bought very recently which looks and drives amazingly! unfortunatly the interior needs a bit of work. I live in NSW is there anyone who specialises in interiors thats not to expensive and does a good job?
  13. jeffagogo

    Yuletide Yellow Sticker from WA Police on my VK.

    Another VK Commodore bites the dust. This time it's my 308 VK Vacationer Wagon which the WA Police took a disliking to. Yeah, it was getting on in years I must admit, and due for retirement pretty soon. Looks like a forced retirement for the old girl now. Took the license plates back to...
  14. E

    Electric VK Commodore

    Hi all, this is probably not your average conversion. I have a vk commodore that I am converting to electric. I would like to maintain as much of the current components on the car as possible. I have a few questions that I would help with more will follow.... 1. Has anyone ever removed the...
  15. S

    help with getting parts/engine for my first project car

    hey guys. My dream has just come true. I have my own VK for me to do big boy things to it. Basically Ive been looking here and there on the net trying to get the heads up on what kind of engine could go into the VK. Ive seen that its a good idea to go with a 304 and also I have been told...
  16. N

    My VK Commodore, 3.3L

    1984 VK Commodore 3.3L 6 Cylinder Auto Lowered springs 2.5 Inch Exhaust Fresh Paint Job Future -New or Reupholstered Seats in Cream colour, not sure what I can get my hands on for a good price, hoping for around the $400-800 mark if possible, unless I get my hands on anything cheaper...
  17. O

    Carby Backfire and Valve timing - Need Help!

    Hey All, First I'd like to say that I love this site; and the vast majority of the time I find all the info I need on existing posts and help where I can. But this time I'm in dire need of a complicated problem. I have an 85' VK commo, black 202 6 cyl. I have Scraped the EST and am...
  18. H

    [Question] Will a vl redback exhaust fit a vk.

    G'day, just bought a fuel injected vk and I love 2.5" redback exhausts (cat back). I cant seem to find any for a vk, only vl and upwards... just wondering if a vl one will bolt onto a vk.. as far as i kno theres F all difference... they basically look the same besides the front headlights and a...
  19. M

    Velour Black Interior Colour????

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows whether any of the models from VB through to VL came out with a black interior? Or moreso black seats? I ask this as I'm looking at buying some seats and they seems to be the same velour material that was in a vl executive but black. And they are...
  20. M

    VK Tacho to Blue Motor

    I have been getting some work done to quell the rust and leaks in my VK's boot. While she’s been out of action I’ve decided to finally look into fitting a stock tacho in favour of the infamous vacuum gauge! I took the cluster out and have had it re-conditioned (looks near new!). The new...
  21. squiblex

    VK 308 fuel system problems

    hello i just bought a VK 308 pretty standard besides an exhaust an aparently stage three heads an a cam ( yet to find out ) it has a in tank fuel pump an sender unit an the things completly cactus!! im havin trouble findin a replacement wrekers dont have any an im to poor to buy genuine lol i...
  22. M

    304 Carby or 308 Carby?

    Got a question for you all, Planning to put a V8 into my VK and stroke it out to a 355 with a nice carby setup. My question is would I be better off using a black motor block that came stock with the VK/VL or using a later model VN+ EFI motor and putting old school heads on it to run a carby...
  23. M

    AU Thermo Fans

    I know there is heaps of threads out there that cover the fitting up AU thermo fans but for the life of me I cannot find a wiring diagram that shows simply how to wire them up. I'm not using a temp switch or anything, I just want them to run when the ignition is on and turn off when the ignition...
  24. M

    Brake Booster???

    Hey Guys, I've just fit a VT Twin Piston upgrade onto my VK Commodore and now I'm almost ready to setup the booster, I have a VS Master and Booster but I've heard that the VT master is a much better option. What I would like to know is there really that much of a difference between the VS and...
  25. N

    VK stalling on take off

    Hey everyone! Im new here and not sure if im posting this in the right area lol My dad bought me a VK commodore back in April, there a quiet a few things wrong with it but as my dad is no longer talking to me i have no one to help :( I know a lil about cars (i have fixed most of the cars...
  26. M

    Washer Bottle / Radiator Overflow

    Hi Everybody, I have noticed in a lot of magazines, on VK/VH show cars that they have no washer/overflow bottles in the engine bay (well none that I can see anyway). Just wondering if anyone has managed to hide there bottles? If so can anyone tell me where as I am keen to do it myself. Cheers
  27. C

    help.. VC Commodore, Horn won't work

    When I press down on the steering wheel the horn won't work. I'm not sure what it is. I recently degreased the engine and washed it off with water which caused problems with the idle solenoid but that is all good now. Could it be an issue of water in the electrics? btw. its a vc commodore but...
  28. the_boozer

    need a diff

    gday Im stevo from melbourne noble park Im trying to find a diff for a vk want a disk to disk 6cyc efi vk diff 3.08 anyone want to sell one? its got a knackered drum diff in it currently are the tail shafts the same or do i need another shaft as well? I ll pay cash or swap for this 2.6...
  29. M

    VT Twin Piston Brake Upgrade

    Hi all, Thinking of upgrading the front brakes on my VK to VT twin piston calipers and rotors as I have heard they have the best stopping power. What I'm wondering is will the calipers bolt straight on to where my existing ones do, or do they need modifying? I'm aware that i need to get hub...
  30. M

    HELP!!! EFI Or Carby????

    I am in quite a dilemma at the moment, I have just put together a worked 202 to go in my VK Commodore, the engine is as follows; - Roller Rockers - ACL Race Series Pistons (60 thou bore) - Stage 3 Cam - High Volume Oil Pump - Electronic Ignition The problem I am now facing is deciding on...
  31. M

    VK EFI Cam?

    Ok, so I've read a few different things about the VK EFI motor on the net in regards to cams. Some people say you can some people say you can't. Basically I just want to know whether I can run a performance cam in my VK EFI, looking at going for a stage two? By the way it's an auto if that...
  32. M

    Vk Electronic Fuel Pump

    Hi all, Looking to convert my 6 cylinder VK from the EFI to carby running a cam, big valves with roller rockers and was thinking of leaving the electronic fuel pump but was unsure if it would work properly or not as I have heard they are pretty touchy with the V8's so was unsure about the 6...
  33. M

    VK Commodore Wiring

    Just wondering if anybody knows if the VK 6 Cylinder carby engine wiring is the same as the V8? If anybody has a pic of the wiring for the 6 cylinder carby model that would be extremely helpful.... Cheers
  34. M

    Fitting AU Fans In A VK Commodore

    Hey, Just wondering if anybody out there has done the conversion of AU fans into there VK Commodore? If so interested to learn how they are wired up, which colour wires do you use from the original Ford loom? Can get my hands on a thermatic switch relay easy enough just need to know which...
  35. M

    VK Commodore Aftermarket Stereo

    Hi, I'm new to the site, so don't really have a clue yet how to work it but I'm having a problem with my Vk Commodore Berlina. Installed a sound system that runs a sony head deck, sony 6" and 6 x 9" and an audioline amp with a pioneer 12" sub. The problem is every time I have the volume up...

    removing seats

    hey whats the process of removing all the seats in a vk sedan>> thanks

    best way to install speakers in vk door

    hey.. an upgrading my stereo system and am wondering how hard is it to install some speakers in the door. currently there are 2 speakers on the rear parcel shelf. thanks
  38. R

    Just wondering!

    Hey peoples i have just registered about 2 minutes ago.. i have recently required a VK and i love it.. havent driven it yet its not on the road yet heh $600 :) it has some type of body kit on it i dont know what it is which is one reason im here haha soo from joining this site i hope to gain...