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vl 1987 white commodore

  1. S

    VL SL value

    Hey , I have a VL SL 3.O 5 speed which is technically written off due to a side impact but otherwise drivable when parked in yard few years ago. It has a few bits like exhaust system, pioneer CD, heavy duty clutch, Unifilter, lowered with 17 inch imitation GTS mags & new Grp A Front bar. I have...
  2. M

    Vl 304 conversion wiring

    Doing a vt 304 & getrag conversion into my vl and before i drop the new engine in want to rap my head around the wiring. What do I rip out of the vl and what mew ecu/bcm/wiring do I need to put in Any info or diagrams would be great, cheers
  3. M

    Vt 304 into VL

    after some advice or anything I might need to know Bought a VT ss with the 304roller motor and T5. Wanting to put into my VL My questions; -Will my VL power steering rack fit? If not will the vt rack fit? -What K frame will I need? Can I use the VT k frame?
  4. Clinto

    Vn running vr 5l and auto loom

    Hello I’m going to be running a vr auto 5ltr engine and ecu behind a vn what will need to be done ?? Also putting a t350 behind the vr engine how do I connect it to the loom and get it to work and what will need to be done ?
  5. G

    1987 white VL commodore - Do up and roadworthy

    Hey all. My auntie recently gave me her 1987 white VL commodore. I am 15 years old, sixteen in six months, so I am hoping to have it on the road by then, as my dad has refused to let me drive any of our other cars, as he is a tight arse. Two weeks before the car was given to me...