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vl 5-speed wreck

  1. M

    Vl 304 conversion wiring

    Doing a vt 304 & getrag conversion into my vl and before i drop the new engine in want to rap my head around the wiring. What do I rip out of the vl and what mew ecu/bcm/wiring do I need to put in Any info or diagrams would be great, cheers
  2. M

    Vt 304 into VL

    after some advice or anything I might need to know Bought a VT ss with the 304roller motor and T5. Wanting to put into my VL My questions; -Will my VL power steering rack fit? If not will the vt rack fit? -What K frame will I need? Can I use the VT k frame?
  3. JD

    [SA] WTB: VL 5-Speed wreck

    Looking for a VL 5-Speed wreck, motor, box and loom must be in decent condition, not fussed on body or anything, donor car for VK:thumbsup: Pref drive-away cars. Willing to pay up to $1000.