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vl berlina

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    VL Sony head unit not working

    Hey guys first time posting, i've recently just bought a VL Berlina and I've been trying to wire up an aftermarket head unit (Sony xplod). Anyway all I'm worried about at this point of time is powering the actual head unit and not the speakers so please dont tell me i have to rewire all of the...
  2. T

    Jake's VL

    Hey just baught a 1988 VL berlina Colour: Dark Blue Engine: Has a brand new motor a8 new pistons rings bearings balanced and blueprinted crank acl pistons just finished running it in 3400 kms old . Diff: LSD- 28 spline with 3.45 gears reco center very tight recod about 6 months ago...
  3. D

    What to do with an old VL?

    Hey all I have an old commodore VL Berlina Station Wagon. It is in a pretty tatty state sunburnt etc. but the body is straight, a little rust around the windscreen but appears to be surface only, What I can see anyway. The question is what can I do with it? I tried to ring a tow away...
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    VL 6 to V8

    Does anyone know what 308 block is the best to use with vn + heads with 4 barrel manifold for a VL Berlina 1988, in QLD.