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vl commodore

  1. S

    Windscreen Replacement - VL Commodore

    Hey guys, Looking for opinions and previous experience here. The windscreen on my VL has a crack right in the drivers field of vision. It might just be small enough for a repair, but it might not - will find out this week. This car has absolutely no rust beside the odd stone chip, and I’m hoping...
  2. S

    Floor Mats - VL Berlina

    Hey guys. First post here - still trying to figure my way around the site. Just wondering whether anyone’s had any luck replacing the original floor mats in their VL? The previous owner must have thrown or lost them, and it’s abit hard to find someone willing to part with theirs. There are a...
  3. R

    Serious problem that i can't get to the bottom of!

    FINAL UPDATE: The fuel tank was full of ****, which clogged the fuel pump. Cleaned the tank and replaced the fuel pump, now the car works perfectly. UPDATE 3: So i took my car to a mechanic, he said the problem was the MAF sensor, bought a new MAF sensor... Still has the same problem. I am...
  4. S


    My partner and I are having a baby and while we are excited it means I have to sell my beloved coupe. I'm looking to buy a VL Commodore 86-88 and I just need to know if it has anchor points for child seats that are legal in WA? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...
  5. J

    VL hoses / major fuel leaks

    Hey there. My VL was leaking fuel from the injectors, hoses and fuel pump.. And kept stalling. The last time I had it running it stalled every time I tried to accelerate. I pulled it apart to do injectors, and realized all the hoses are still original (they're all cracked) I know it's a big job...
  6. M

    Vl auto to manual

    just want a quick run down of EVERYTHING i will need for the conversion... i know there is some controversy whether theres need to be a new starter motor/tailshaft, thanks. NOTE: it is a wagon.
  7. M

    RB20 gearbox or MF5? which is BETTER?

    im doing a auto to manual conversion in my VL just wanting to know which box is better? cheers
  8. I

    Vl rb30 manual gearbox

    I just filled it with 4l of oil. Read the specifications on line and I They seem to recommend only 2l. What should I do? Also can someone explain how the shifter goes in. It clips in and there's a white ring that sits in there with a metal c shaped run with holes in it. Then I have another...
  9. J

    86 vl auto trans problems??

    hey, i know the vl's will not go in to over drive (eco mode) when it is cold but mine seams to, but when it warms up its stuck in eco mode and will not kick down when i put my foot down a bit for over taking or what ever, i have to manually come down to 2nd and the motor is screaming its tits...
  10. I

    Rb30e flywheel

    So I bought one on trademe but it was too small for my clutch pressure plate, so I'm assuming it is not an rb30 flywheel. Would anyone have any idea what type of rb flywheel it is? Just less diameter than it should be. Also I now need to buy a new flywheel, how can I be sure it is a rb30...
  11. I

    RB30e Engine removal help

    Im sure something similar has been asked before but here goes anyway. I need to remove the rb30e from my vl because its dead at the moment and im replacing it with a 20e for now. disgusting i know. This is the first engine swap i will have done but i am planning to do more so im getting some...
  12. A

    vl tail lights...

    hey i have bought a vl commodore and was wondering if calais lights would fit straight in or not...just wanted to be sure b4 buying off ebay ..thanks :)
  13. A

    vl Calais mock up interior

    After pulling the lose, creaky, and broken dash out of my long term vl project I have come to the conclusion that most of it needs replacing. Any one that knows where I can get a new/second hand complete dash assembly from please pm me, thanks :) Also the vacuum system for the recirculate and...
  14. J

    [ACT] VL walkinshaw group a ss model

    ITEM: VL Group A SS walkinshaw model LOCATION: act CONDITION: Used PRICE: Make a offer DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: delivery at buyers expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: bank deposit or cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, [email protected] OTHER INFO: is in used condition and not in a...
  15. V

    How do i turbo my stock VL Commodore - oil and water lines esp. and computer loom?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to turn my VL stockie auto into a nice ride and I'm going to turbo it, apart from the intake and turbo and turbo manifolds im wondering about all the little things i need to do. I know i have to change the computer and injectors, but things like which injectors should i use...
  16. N

    vl gas diffucultly starting.

    just bought a vl, dual fuel. previous owner says it doesn't start on petrol. yet i can't start it in lpg. there is an on/off switch next to it, not sure if its to the fuel though. anyone know why? cheers.
  17. V

    Bonnet/hood is slightly ajar - how do I fix it?

    Hi all My trusty VL Commodore has a slight issue I'd like to fix - the bonnet/hood pops open just fine, however when closed it sitts slightly up, so that the bonnet panel sits up about 1cm above the front guards on both sides. I suspect it is an issue to do with the latch with the spring in the...
  18. M

    Velour Black Interior Colour????

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone knows whether any of the models from VB through to VL came out with a black interior? Or moreso black seats? I ask this as I'm looking at buying some seats and they seems to be the same velour material that was in a vl executive but black. And they are...
  19. H

    Rims on vl??

    i just recently bought a stock vl was just asking for people to post some pictures of thier vls just to see what rims suit thanks.....rims dont have to be anything special anything will be good
  20. RobboVl

    VL Garnishes/Tail lights, Easiest ways?

    G'day guys, Just pulled off my Tail lights and my garnish. I was wanting to just pull off the garnish but i figured it would be easier to take the tail lights off with them. (They have a screw or 2 on the lights) It took me about 20mins. I found it wasn't too hard, But the hardest thing way...
  21. RobboVl

    My New VL! (first car)

    Lowered O.G Cruiser (Ice Blue Exec) CHECK OUT ALL PAGES OF THE THREAD. ALL UPDATES AND INFO ON EACH PAGE. What's up guys, Here's just a couple of specs & flicks of my new/first car, Model: Holden VL commodore Year: 1987 Colour: Ice Blue Bodykit: none. Engine Type: RB30 Engine Mods...
  22. T

    VL hydraulic lifters

    hi guys, im fairly new to this site so im sorry if this sounds silly. The hydraulic lifters in my old VL are on the way out and i think im going to have to replace them. they make alot of noise when i kick her over and continue to do so whilst under power aswell. the odd thing about the...
  23. T

    [VIC] Vl commodore - calais nosecone

    ITEM: vl commodore wagon aftermarket calais front (non flip) and calais side skirts LOCATION: central vic YEAR: 87 SERIES: vl BADGE: Example: debadged ENGINE: RB30E TRANSMISSION: 5speed manual COLOUR: light blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good condition with the usuall stone...
  24. N

    [VIC] Wtb vl disc rear end

    DESCRIPTION: Want To buy ITEM: hey guys & gals, im after a disc rear end for a VL, can do without diff centre but must have everything else, and please no rusted out useless pieces must be minimum good condition LOCATION: im located in bacchus marsh, (west) VIC, but will travel...
  25. A

    vc springs on a vl?

    yes i know. like every other p plater vl driver roadworthy failed due to cut springs. will the rear springs off my vc sedan fit straight on?
  26. N

    trans or tailshaft shuddering?

    i bought a car off a mate, we are both tryin to fix it up, while im trying to save for other expenses on it. back it the day, its was running fine until one night he had a full car and tryed to do a burnout, but dumped it to first from neutral while reving it. and ever since that when you...
  27. A

    [VIC] WTB: non-turbo manual VL commodore or calais.

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: I'm looking to buy a vl, this is for my first car so it cant be turbo or a v8. preferably under 300 000 kms and in good nick. looking in the price range of 3000-6000. LOCATION: Gippsland VIC PICK UP INFORMATION: More than happy to travel a bit for a good...
  28. D

    VL, 5speed. first car :)

    hey this is my first car, and first time on jc, just wanting to know what you guys think?
  29. A

    vl leads

    hey just got a quick question. i did a bit of work on my vl yesterday, just a few things that involved replacing the rocker cover and putting alloy intake pipes on. all went well except when it came to reconnecting the spark leads i mixed the back 3 cylinders up... and cant seem to find anywhere...
  30. DontBeShy

    Looking To Buy A VL Commodore

    hey guys and girls . im just looking to buy a vl commodore. not familiar with the rb30 engine. so was just wondering if some of use could just let me no on the good side and the bad side of these engines and also what i should look out for when im going to buy one. cheers guys
  31. detox_nath83

    [QLD] VL Commodore RB30 Extractors For Sale

    ITEM: RB30 VL Commodore Extractors LOCATION: Queensland/Sunshine Coast CONDITION: Used PRICE: $75 ONO DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Prefer Pickup as item is awkward or Postage at buyers Expense PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Paypal CONTACT DETAILS...
  32. tysonVL

    [VL] Manifold stud access? vl

    Hi, just wondering the easiest way to access the rear manifold studs because one has snapped. It's flush with the hole and i've got all the stuff I need to get it out, (easy out etc) but need to find a way to get in there, or will I need to take the whole thing apart till it's possible? Thanks
  33. E

    VL Stock rims, universal?

    My father in Law has a VL commodore; the mag wheels are damaged and ugly. He wants to dump the mags and go back to standard Stock rims, are all commodore stock rims standard? We have found a set of rims from a VR commodore - good condition and new tyres. I have heard that the older model...