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vl project

  1. T

    Jake's VL

    Hey just baught a 1988 VL berlina Colour: Dark Blue Engine: Has a brand new motor a8 new pistons rings bearings balanced and blueprinted crank acl pistons just finished running it in 3400 kms old . Diff: LSD- 28 spline with 3.45 gears reco center very tight recod about 6 months ago...
  2. J

    my first car stock vl exec

    my first car,vl exec standard as i just bought new front bumper,calais eye lids non flips,new indicators,and new calais tail light garnish all for 400 dollars,only paid 300 bucks for my vl and its a genuin 5 sppeed manual with 200,000 k's future mods -super low king spings front and rear -3...
  3. A

    vl project :-P

    hey guys check out my vl. at the moment it is my daily drive but not too sure but may be getting my liscense suspended for 3 months soon... anyway basically i have got it back to stock and tidyed it up really nice, fixed pretty much all leaks: oil, water, powersteering etc. also new...