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vl turbo

  1. W

    Mx7 slave cylinder bolts size

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone know what size bolts hold the slave cylinder on on the mx7 box much appreciated if someone can help me
  2. Billyvl

    Rear Disk brakes

    hey guys, iv just bought my first vl and I’m looking into doing a rear disk brake conversion, iv got my hands on a vt lsd diff and need to know what other parts .ect’ that I need. I know I need 28 spline axles. Will the vt diff just swap over or do I need to swap the housing? And what’s...
  3. A

    Blowing smoke

    Hey all got a berlina turbo, a6, stock everything.... I'm fairly sure I've done a set of rings but thought I'd ask for other opinions? The car sits around alot, and hasn't been flogged and all of a sudden the other day I fired it up and as it warmed up the smoke got worse and worse, and if I...
  4. Twitcha007

    Vl turbo won't rev past 4000-4500rpm

    Hey guys ive got a problem with my vl turbo , it doesn't seem to won't to rev out past 4500rpm in any gear. Ive replaced spark plugs with bcpr7es with 0.8 gap, changed fuel pump to brand new genuine bosch 044, changed fuel filter, replaced coil with a ice 4100. Nothing seems to work , car runs...
  5. A

    motor issue

    gday have recently rebuilt my vl turbo and have changed nothing on the car and all we have done is new pistons a few other preventive maintenance jobs and the day come when we went to fire it back up and now it wont run at all it has spark and fuel just wondering if any one has had a problem...
  6. damankerrison09

    [SA] RB Exedy 330kw rated button clutch inc. Flywheel suit NSK-7056HHHDB

    ITEM: Exedy Triple heavy duty 330rwkw rated button (puk) clutch inc. 9.5" Flywheel to suit RB30, RB20, RB25 with either RB25, VL Turbo or even N/A Gearbox's. LOCATION: SA Adelaides North CONDITION: New PRICE: $900 ono. Will negotiate for serious buyers DELIVERY/PICK UP...
  7. V

    How do i turbo my stock VL Commodore - oil and water lines esp. and computer loom?

    Hey Guys, I'm going to turn my VL stockie auto into a nice ride and I'm going to turbo it, apart from the intake and turbo and turbo manifolds im wondering about all the little things i need to do. I know i have to change the computer and injectors, but things like which injectors should i use...
  8. A

    Want to Turbo my VL !

    Hey guys, I just bought an automatic 86 vl sl with the n/a rb30. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to this stuff, but I would like some tips on what parts I should buy for a cheap DIY way to turbo my n/a vl whilst still being somewhat stable? Or if I should give up and just replace the...
  9. shaunington

    My 2nd VL - Factory MF5 Exec

    Eucumbene Blue VL SL - Factory MF5 - Lowered, pedders sportsrider allround, chasers Hey all, I have a 1988 VL SL (see thread in sig) that I was planning on making a manual. But, the car is interstate, and there is going to be a lot of cost involved with shipping it down, finishing it off and...
  10. V

    [VIC] '89 r31 Nissan Skyline

    '89 r31 Nissan Skyline *PRICE DROP* ITEM: Nissan Skyline LOCATION: VIC, Brunswick (Car is in NSW, Byron Bay for the next month) YEAR: 1989 SERIES: R31 RB30E BADGE: GXE 3.0 ENGINE: 3L 6CYL RB30E TRANSMISSION: 4 speed Auto COLOUR: Champagne EXTERIOR CONDITION: OK, missing...
  11. damankerrison09

    [SA] VL Turbo Kit

    ITEM: Up for saleis my VL Turbo Kit The kit includes; * 1x Stock VL Turbo exhaust manifold (Had been faced before it was put on the car & has never been used) * 1x RB25 Turbocharger (Unsure of condition, but it has very minimal shaft play & was removed from a mates perfectly working...
  12. damankerrison09

    [SA] Vl turbo kit

    ITEM: VL TURBO KIT The kit was removed from my VL project car, Because I have decided to go with the N/A Power direction. The kit includes; * 1x Stock VL Turbo exhaust manifold (Had been faced before it was put on the car & has never been used) * 1x...
  13. damankerrison09

    VL SL, 5 Speed.. Turboing as we speak :D

    Hey guys, This is my 87 5 speed VL Talk ya through the build OK so i started with a VL 5 speed i bought of my mate, came with stage 2 chip (bloody fake piece of **** that was) 2.5" Lukey extractos, with a full 2.5" Lukey system with straight through mufflers and thats about it... After i...
  14. damankerrison09

    [SA] Turbo

    Hey guys, i've got a stock RB25DET Turbocharger for sale... I was gonna put it on my VL as i had it already but it will not work out how i want it to so i need to sell it to get a new one.. It has very minimal shaft play, nothing major.. Includes wastegate, and RB25 Dump pipe with heat...
  15. damankerrison09

    Turbo Kit

    I just found a turbo kit ebay and the guy said he wants about 950 for it, but he's in townsville and im in SA, How much do people think it would cost me to get it here? whats the cheapest way to do it? I dont care how long i wait as it wont be goin straight in.. Any help would be great...