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  1. R

    Vl turbo gt3582

    Hi guy first timer here I have a standard turbo motor Iv just got a gt3582 and want to run it on the standard manifold It doesn't seem to fit as I havnt got my 10mm spacer plate yet the front housing needs to be spun around alittle which I think may make it work But was told that turbo won't...
  2. DriftVC

    Vl n/a - vlt

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of slapping a turbo on the VL. Just wondering if it is a must to swap over the ECU when a turbo is added, or does the N/A ECU have the capability to slightly adjust air/fuel to accommodate boost?
  3. D

    In the hunt for some GRUNT!

    Hey guys. I have an RB30 N/A sitting in my shed on a stand waiting for me to tear it to pieces. Now initially I had planned to simply strip it down and give it a basic rebuild for two reasons. 1- The motor hasnt exactly had the easiest of lives, so it could probably do with one. 2 - Ive need...
  4. A

    Want to Turbo my VL !

    Hey guys, I just bought an automatic 86 vl sl with the n/a rb30. I don't have much knowledge when it comes to this stuff, but I would like some tips on what parts I should buy for a cheap DIY way to turbo my n/a vl whilst still being somewhat stable? Or if I should give up and just replace the...
  5. P

    VLV6T5TT Wahooogon

    What all the B.S. in the title means, is I own a VL wagon with 3.8 V6 twin turbo and T5 5 speed. It is a work in progress, low budget deal, with a bit of a difference. I love the VL shape, but prefer the low down torque of the V6 to the high revving, JAPANESE RB engines (controversial opinion...
  6. badger__rox

    [VIC] for sale vlt engine + turbo set up + other stuff

    hey there i have a vlt sitting at home and ive lost interest in it and would like to recover my money back so i decided to wreck it. i have a genuine A8 motor and every thing need to put it into your vl execpt the pipe from the turbo to air box. i was hoping to get around $2000 as it is...