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vn 17s wheels

  1. classycalais

    Whee clearance

    Gents, need a little help with wheel clearance. New to all this so please save the harsh replies. I have a 91 VN Calais. Just bought some vz sv6 17inch wheels...upon fitting, they hit the base of the suspension. The tires on the wheels are 225/55/r17....I’m thinking that 225/45 would possibly...
  2. VN-855

    wheel rubbing

    hey everyone im new to the site and i need some advice, i recently had lowered my vn and now when i turn to the left even slightly, the left rear tyre rubs against the inside of my guard. i have 17 inch internationals with 235s on em. any ideas on what i can do to stop it ? adjustable panhard ...