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vn berlina

  1. RorzaaBoy

    Frosted tail lights

    Who has frosted tail lights on a vn vp vs vr wagon? Just want to see some other wagon bootys for inspiration.
  2. Clinto

    Vn running vr 5l and auto loom

    Hello I’m going to be running a vr auto 5ltr engine and ecu behind a vn what will need to be done ?? Also putting a t350 behind the vr engine how do I connect it to the loom and get it to work and what will need to be done ?
  3. B

    VN Berlina Pinstripe

    I'm wondering where i could get a VN berlina pinstripe? my vn is missing it on the back and its abit faded and out of line when i got it so i was planning on re-doing it. i see a VL berlina pinstripe on ebay and im not sure if thats the same. it's like a small thin red pinstripe thanks in...
  4. T

    Problems with PCV pipe?

    Hey guys just wondering what a blocked PCV valve will cause??