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vn calais electrical

  1. Lockie_3_89_VN_Calais

    VN Calais (1988 - 1991) Starting Issues Solved

    Hey there peoples, My first post was a couple of months ago with my 1989 VN Calais with the Buick 3800 3.8ltr V6 engine not starting and no Check Engine Light. Now ladies and gents I found out with the help of a mate what the issue is the whole time... THE ANTI THEFT DETERRENT SYSTEM -...
  2. M

    Vn Calais LvL 3 Cluster

    Hey All , I'm in the middle of customizing my Vn Calais Cluster ......... So far i have most of the new globes ( still waiting on a few ) , also have organised the new custom Fascia Plates . My question is to anyone that might know is can VS LvL 3 cluster LCD Panels be used to replace the...
  3. R

    vn Calais electrical problem

    hey i have a problem with the rear indicators not working, the stop lights, reverse lights, rear interior lights, tail lights all have stopped working.... i also beleive that what ever has caused this has also stopped the fuel tank from sending the information to the dash....the car has a full...