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vn calais v6 3.8l sedan

  1. Lockie_3_89_VN_Calais

    1989 VN Series 1 Calais Not Starting, But Cranks Over...

    Hey there guys, My first official post on JustCommodores here and I'm deeply sorry if I'm repeating a post, got no where else to turn for advice... Now I've purchased a VN Calais from a mate which wasn't starting and it was on an Electronic LPG System, not Mechanical... Lovates was the brand...
  2. jakeydee

    Project Black. My VN Calais From Wreck To Romance.

    Hey Everyone I Have Just Bought A 1991 VN Calais V6 3.8L And I Want To Do A Complete Rebuild And Slap In A Twin Turbo Setup So I Thought This Would Be The Best Place To Show My Progress And Get Help Obtaining Parts. This Will Be A Photo Blog So Is I'm In The Wrong Section I Apologize In Advance.