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vn commodore

  1. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  2. V

    LS1 conversion help

    Hey, just after some help, Ive got a vn sedan manual, just bought an ls1 conversion, but its come with vl 6 cylinder k-frame mounts instead of vn, i plan on putting a vl k-frame in with a manualised power steering rack, just wondering where the shifter will line up as the ls is going in with a...
  3. H

    VN 3 Speed for Speedway Car

    I'm currently in the process of building a vn commodore production sedan for speedway and really would like to know if a holden 3 speed manual synchro gearbox would fit onto the buick vn engine as it is an automatic and no good for speedway racing. thanks.
  4. M

    Vn s2 intake on a s1 motor

    Probably been ask before but has any one put a s2 intake on a s1 motor I haven’t had any luck on finding a s2 motor as I need one ASAP but I got a s1 motor there with the inlet taken off it will it fit ?
  5. Bakasan

    Commodore 3D modeling

    Hi guys, just a newbie here:p I hope this is the right section... Anyways, one of my hobbies is creating 3D CG models (the kind you use for games). For the most part I stick to JDM cars, but I decided to have a go at a VN Commodore for fun^^ I will be making this Commodore for BeamNG.drive...
  6. M

    VN Commodore Glovebox broken

    My glovebox locked shut and when I pulled it snapped. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have taken some photos.
  7. C

    VN Commodore Indicator Issues

    HI guys In a bit of a spot at the moment, this VN commodore is giving me grief and it just has to last a few more months till I can buy a new car. anyway I left work the other night, turned on my headlights and my right indicator stayed on, left one and hazards worked fine, so I...
  8. VNCommodoreBraah

    VN Commodore running rough help

    hey everyone this is my first post on this site.. having problems with my 1989 VN Commodore it starts but idles bad, its running on all 6 and when i put it in another gear like drive or reverse it almost stalls and sounds like its thirsty for petrol this only happened after i tried cranking the...
  9. A

    [QLD] 1990 VN V8 Berlina For Sale / Swap [QLD]

    ITEM: 1990 VN V8 BERLINA - For Sale & Open to swaps for something that needs mechanical or body work. LOCATION: South Brisbane, Hillcrest 4118 YEAR: 1990 SERIES: Example: Berlina V8 BADGE: Example: Berlina ENGINE: V8 5.0 liter Holden TRANSMISSION: Automatic COLOUR: White exterior...
  10. vnstu

    [QLD] VN V8 auto Berlina wagon while - to wreck or restore

    ITEM: VN V8 auto Berlina wagon while - rolling wreck/restoration project PRICE:$1500 neg LOCATION: Brisbane, QLD YEAR: 1989 SERIES: series 1 BADGE:Berlina ENGINE: 5.0L V8 TRANSMISSION: Auto TH700 COLOUR: white EXTERIOR CONDITION: average to poor INTERIOR CONDITION...
  11. lemonjuice

    Vn running wierd after spark plug and battery change over

    Hi guys, Long time thread veiwer,first time poster, My issue relates to my 1991 vn commadore v6 sedan, a couple of weeks back id been having starting issues and notice my starter motor was caked in the usual crap,i gave it a good clean and some of my other underbody area (being extremely careful...
  12. B

    1989 vn wiring problem

    HELP I changed over my interior from the stock to a custom ss interior , as I removed the dash I thought I labelled mist of the wiring groups , so I put i t back together and now when I connect my battery my headlights go on and wont turn.off at all, also in addition my temp gauge instantly goes...
  13. J

    can i put a vr v6 into a vn s2 both auto?

    I have a vn commodore auto sedan v6 series 2 with a blown motor and i have a vr v6 available. Can i bolt the vr motor to the vn box and also will the wiring be the same? Has anyone done this? I have heard all different opinions on this by my mates.
  14. N

    Would love to see some sick modified VNs

    Anyone with photos of their pride and joy VN Commys all done up would be great! I'm just starting to do mine and can't seem to find much inspiration on the net so far..
  15. N

    Replacing the grille

    Hi there, I've recently started doing up a VN S Pack and I'm at the stage where I want to replace the standard grille with something a little better looking. I'm thinking a chrome Calais grille. Just wondering how difficult it would be to take the original one off and replace it with one...
  16. V

    VN s1 overheating problem

    Hey i have a 1989 vn executive wagon and it has a new radiator with a cap when i drive for about 5 minutes the egine temp goes to about 3/4 and i can hear the reservoir boiling and when i check the hose coming from the engine it has no water in it at all and i can take the radiator cap off when...
  17. R

    vn commmodore wont crank over??

    i have a vn lexcen (i know its not exactly a commodore but anyway) and i went to start it yesterday, and it wont crank over, no sound as though the starter mootor is on its way out, it just suddenly dropped dead, although the past few weeks it would do this, but if i turned the key and then...
  18. Scheme


    Got stock everything, except pod filter, and straight pipe from middle resignator back with twin 3'' tip, nothing great at all. Looking to get extractors as at high revs I sometimes have 'flat spots' and feels like the car is very slightly 'kangaroo/bunny hopping'... Also would sound be any...
  19. BigMoose

    Brake Master Cylinder - HELP!

    Hey Lads, Had a problem with scored rotors on my 89 VN (just bought it and the pads were grinding against the discs) so I took the rotors to get machined today and found that they were 8mm under the minimum size allowed.. which obviously means that the A-Holes who owned the car before me got...
  20. S

    Hsv vn ss

    Heya, got a bloke trying to sell a HSV VN SS and i wanted to know where i should ask to find if its genuine. I'm not sure if HSV even made an ss model, and what it should look like if it really is one. the VIN reads - 6H8VNK19ULL445--- which i guess translates to a Holden VN (K)...
  21. ryan21

    Weird as noise!

    Hey guys, My car has been making this weird noise for quite some time but only occasionally so i didnt think much of it but its been doing it more lately its really weird cant really describe it so ill attach a recording of it (you may have to turn you're speakers up its fairly quiet) some...
  22. J

    clutch fork tapping on gear box

    hello everyone i have a vn commodore i race and the clutch fork is tapping on the gearbox where it comes out to connect up the clutch cable i was wondering what is wrong with the clutch fork to be tapping on the bottom part where the clutch fork comes out. if i put pressure on the clutch the...
  23. ryan21

    vn running hot

    hey guys my vn has been running fairly hot the last few days with the temp being around 30 (Melbourne) I have had all my welsh plugs replaced flushed the system changed my water pump and refilled with proper coolant. It seems to sit between the 1st quarter and the 2nd quarter and when...
  24. J

    [Buick] i have a rim problem

    hi all i have a vn commodore as a race car and some drags are coming up as a multi-club sprint and i want to enter just to muk around and i have a nice set of slicks i brough from a good friend(pro drag racer) lol and i was wondering do early model 13 inch rims fit vn commodore and if not where...
  25. ryan21

    vn wont start!!!

    hey guys, Changed my water pump and did a coolant flush this week one of the bolts snapped and had to tap it..ughhh and as if all that's not bad enough when everything was put back together went to start it to bleed the system and all it does is tick from the starter relay every time the key...
  26. J

    Vn commodore

    Hi, Ive recently picked up a 91 vn but its my baby. Finally got her on the road but she still looks shoddy with the faded arse red. Just wondering if anyone knows of rough costs to have a decent metallic thrown over her, ive been contemplating the idea of a harliquin purple with gold flakes :D
  27. J

    Bodykit for Vn

    I recently picked up a shoddy VN for $500 as my first actual road car and have gotten it up an on the road but i cant stop there, im enjoying tinkering with it too much haha. I saw a VN the other day with what appeared to be a vt cluby bodykit on it, just wondering if they actually fit or...
  28. T

    VN firing problems

    i have a 1990 VN wagon (manual) with a vp motor & i am having some extremly bad firing issues. after about 5 mins of driving the motor will start running rough & jolting while accelerating, sometimes jolts on decel (foot off accelerator), when idling in neutral with clutch engaged it sounds...
  29. V

    Kill Switch Mod With VN Power Window Child Lock

    hi i was thinking of getting two drivers side VN Calias Power Window main switches but wiring the passengers side child lock as a kill switch wich wires do i re-direct and is it possible or will there be interference
  30. J

    VN parts to VR

    Im thinking of buying a VN with full body kit and the low-suspension Will the body kit and the struts and shocks fit in my VR?
  31. J

    vn tacho wiring problem

    ok so i had my tacho wired up all sweet and was workin fine on my vn v6 s1 (i was running the tach signal from the brown wire near p/s strut tower) then i put a s2 coil pack on it and it stoped working ..it still has power and everything jus not gettin tach signal so i took the tacho out and...
  32. KeaganKaotic

    Install revs tacho

    hey guys, I live in rosebud, VIC. Just wanting to know, to get a rev's tacho installed, where would I take my car? auto electrician? or elsewhere? Im hopeless with car wiring, unless its audio-wise... cheers
  33. KeaganKaotic

    Make VN Wagon Louder?

    I have a 1990 Automatic VN wagon, Everything on it so far, is completely STOCK. I was wanting to make it louder. Prior to my VN I've only owned 'import' or 'jappa' cars. I had a Celica and a S13 Silvia. And with both those models all I did was wack a $100 Cannon from Autobarn on them and a pod...
  34. spazworm

    [SA] 91 VN Wagon Real cheap (Willunga)

    So i got a 91 VN wagon i need to get rid of, has quite a few problems so i thought id get an idea on what ppl would offer for it, might be handy to have for parts as if you need a few its often cheaper just to buy another car and chop and change. Stuff thats wrong with it: Exhaust has had it...
  35. P

    VN HSV SV-50 ? I Need Info

    Hey Guys, I was looking for a car in Melbourne Trading post & I saw a car advertised as _ Vn commodore with Calais interior cheap with reg till Feb 2008, There was a pic I saw it was in good nick on the outside & had HSV rims on it, so I went to look at it & noticed SV enhanced stickers on rear...