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vn commy

  1. K

    Konas First car (Vn)

    So iv been working for a few months now and i have been looking for a project car.i looked every where for a good commodore, but walking how one day from school i saw this. A Vn 1990 S1 S-pac only for 400 buks i couldn't say no :) Mods done: head unit install...
  2. K

    Konas Vn!

    Hey guys, so after working for a new months i went looking around for a project car. after looking every were, i came across a 90s Vn, it was very straight looked nice. so i brought it for 400 buks, only being 15 i got a while to do this best up, its a series 1 Vn-spac Mods done: head unit...