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vn v6 s2

  1. C

    coolant leak cant find where its coming from!! vn s2 engine

    hey guys just wondering if any one can give me some ideas on where to start looking its behind alternater and powersteering pump iv removed majority of the stuff in the way but still cant find where its coming from!! it streams down the driver side of engine onto engine mount, only just...
  2. Red Ranger

    MY VN BT1 Lolcar

    Model:VN EXEC BT1 Year:1991 Colour:ALPINE WHITE Bodykit:FULL FORMULA KIT Engine Type:BUICK 3.8 V6 Engine Mods:NONE Power:I WOULD ESTIMATE AROUND 3FWKW HAHAHA.. STOCK ASA ROCK Exhaust:STOCK :P Gearbox:TURBO 700 WITH TRANSCOOLER Diff:3:08 Brakes:STOCK Suspension:FE2...