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vn v6

  1. 1990VNV6EXEC


    Hey guys new to the forum here and need help removing my vn v6 power steering reservoir as the return line nipple has snapped so I’ve ordered a new reservoir and just been trying to crack the power steering pulley bolts (4 10mm bolts on pulley) and they just won’t budge or even when they go to...
  2. Z

    VR V6 tranny compatibility,

    Hi guys im looking to find out if a vn v6 transmission would fit into a '93 vr v6. I've just bought the vn transmission, just want to confirm they fit before i put this one in.
  3. N

    does anybody know the series 1 v6 combution chamber size?

    Hi I have started down a somewhat dubious path of chasing a few extra ponies from the ol vn block. I have some doubts about the compression ratio as i cannot find anything conclusive as to the cc's of the standard heads (series 1). The heads have been skimmed 010" and likewise the block has...
  4. T

    Fitting a 4L60-E VR tranny behind a VP/VN motor with no Cam angle sensor HELP!!

    Hey guys, Long time member, you guys really helped get my last truck "off" the road...was hoping I could get some more of your commo v6 wisdom...these are the best motors for 4wding in a hilux...so much poke for such a little truck! plus great fuel economy and drivability once you get em...
  5. kitted vp

    Vn v6 auto transmission issues

    Hi guys, during a long 3hr drive last week (about 2hrs into it) I pulled up to a set of lights and I felt something was amiss! As I went to take off again the car was surging like the tranny was cutting in and out rapidly while trying to accelorate and under decelleration the tacho would...
  6. O

    91 vn v6, fresh rebiuld, idle and engine light problems

    hi I have a 91 VN V6 manual wagon, just done a rebuild on the motor with stage 2 cam and chip by crow cams... absolutely everything in the motor is new from bottom end to top. new injectors and o2 sensor. The problem I'm having is when i start it, runs and idles as it should, as i take off...
  7. W

    Need some help or Advice with my VN S1 S2 V6 motor

    Okay this is my first post and first off I just want to say all you guys are legends, iv been reading this forum for years and from all you people I have fixed, modified, repaired and saved thousands on all of my Holdens. ill try keep it short but you the full story my car is a VN S2 but...
  8. S

    Haltech Platnium sport gm - vn v6

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Platnium sport gm for my vn v6, custom growned stage 2 crow, 70mm tb with cai , port polished, pacemakers, threw the balance shaft and jammed in a double row chain, hence why I got the haltech. I've been having trouble perfecting the idle settings...
  9. B

    Vn v6 no power steering or aircon

    hi, I'm dropping a vn v6 into my dune buggy, and I've taken ff the aircon and power steering. Does anyone know what belt I need, and whether or not I need to reverse the idler pulley?
  10. Scheme

    Defected for tyres

    Got defected for bald rear stockies today in Gippsland victoria I have 2 16'' Imitation VR Clubsport rims with legal tread, about 80% and my 2 front stockies have 90% tread, if I throw the good stockies on the back and the 16'' on the front, will it pass RWC or not? Cant find anything on...
  11. T

    VN 3.8 Oil Cooler

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone knows how to or has already seen a post relating to the installation of an oil cooler to a VN V6? Cheers
  12. S

    vn rear main

    hey, i have a series 1 vn v6 motor, i know, they suck, but it was there when i bought it, i'm trying to replace the rear main seal, but i'm having trouble locating one, holden say they're obsolete, so i tried repco, i got a 2 piece rubber one which didn't fit, then they gave me one for a vp with...