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vn vp

  1. 9

    Vs clubby manual conversion

    hey guys, just wondering how much of a hassle it would be and thr rough cost of putting my t5 from my vs exec into my clubsport and what needs to be changed to fit. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  2. W

    what comes up in fault codes on a VN VP

    what im trying to ask is do all the sensors come up in the fault codes like the crank angle sensor, IAC, fuel pump, lines, flow do they show up if they are faulty?? i.e can anyone tell me what sensors are covered by the check engine light and what are not (if any?)
  3. M

    vp v6 starter doesn't disengage fast enough

    My 93 auto v6 starter motor won't disengage quick enough I'll start the car and will hear a noise like it's been started and and try starting again while running, would it need to be lubricated with grease or something. the car starts no problem just won't disengage quick enough sometimes it...
  4. W

    VN New engine running badly

    okay so I got a VN series 2 engine and rebuilt it and everything in the engine bay. Everything on the engine and in the bay is brand new or remanufactured except for the Crank shaft conrods crank angle sensor tps sensor and the other sensor on the butterfly.. the two water temp sensors next...


    Hey all. Looking at buying an Crane LX-92 coil and HI-6 ignition module with (2 stage?) rev limiter. My question is, What is the difference in application on a VPSS 355 running a vortech supercharger with the HI-6/ LX-92 and DSR2 timing retard module. and running a HI-6S with a PS-92?? I DO...

    [WA] Holden vp front bumper

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: Holden vp front bumper LOCATION: WA, Cooloongup CONDITION: New or Used - good condition DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Within an hours drive PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash payment of agreed value CONTACT INFORMATION: [email protected]
  7. N

    304 355/Supercharged tolerances needed??

  8. Braydenreid

    [ACT] vr v6 motor **SOLD**

    ITEM: Vr V6 Motor & wring loom & ECU *SOLD* LOCATION: act CONDITION: used 227 xxx kms PRICE: $170 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: picky up or arrange own courier PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] 0425693052 OTHER...
  9. D

    cruise switch open or closed

    gday im still trying to sort this out when the brake is not applied should there be power to both sides of the cruise cut out switch ie open circuit or only one side and when brake applied powers both sides (closed circuit )
  10. D

    vn vp bonnets

    Will a vn bonnet go on a vp without changing anything