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    vp calais commodore front winscreen airvents not working?

    Hi all just picked up my first car and first commodore and need a bit of help it is a 1993 vp calais hsv enhanced everything is working fine except for the aircon vents at the windshield and the cruise control any ideas on whats wrong? any help will be appreciated cheers!

    Hicompvn's 1990 ser 1 vn exec V6- W/ VS ECOTEC Engine

    Hey Guys how are we all, hope were all good, been on here for a while and havn't really said hi and introduced my self to everyone, so here goes... lol my names matt, live in melbourne, 25, love driving, (don't we all). keen for a been and a good ol car chat anytime.!!! i can't be...
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    VP Interior light not turning off!

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a VP Commodore - and noticed that the dome light bulb was dead, so I bought a replacement for it from Repco. anywho, I replaced that badboy and tested it, and noticed that the dome light would not turn off! I've checked the dome light switch - both pressed and...