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  1. H

    [Help please] Can't enter diagnostic mode

    Hello I've got a vn v6 and i've checked for errors many times no probs by bridging the white and black wire with a paperclip, I've just recently put a new clutch in and o2 sensor out of another car because mine was buggered. I also changed memcal to a different 1 and decided i didnt want it...
  2. V

    VNJ37 - VN V6 Turbo

    [VNJ37] Engine: Holden 3.8l V6 Exhaust: 3" Turbo Back + 3" Hiflo Cat Suspension: Kings GT Shocks & Springs. Whiteline swaybars & Strut brace Wheels: 15x7 Interceptors (chrome metal centercaps & chrome surrounds :)) Modifications: Brakes: - twin piston front calipers -...