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vp calais

  1. nutshell

    VP Calais HSV Enhanced

    Hi I recently brought a VP Calais 5ltr 11/1991 build with the HSV Enhanced option built 01/1992. I'm having trouble finding a approx. price of what the car is worth. all I have found is post from 2006 with a asking price of $14500 or standard VP Calais 5ltr asking about $7000-$8000. It needs a...
  2. D

    Thermo Fans Not Working Vp calais

    Alright so, my fan wont come on causing my car to get hot, i have hardwired it to a battery to see if it was the fan itself, the fan works. i replaces the sensor underneath the alternator, still no fan kicking in, i have checked all fuses, (switching the horn with the fan) and still not working...
  3. C

    Vp Calais 1993 Series 2

    Recently I brought this Calais and iv done a few changes on it and a lot more I would like to do atm its had the whole front end replaced and heaps of other stuff to get it in rwc, ill keep everyone updated each time I make a change to it And don't forget to join my page on Facebook Cruising In...
  4. WazzaVN

    Purple VP Calais

    Name:Wazza Age:25 Model:VP Calais Year:1991 Engine:Buick V6 3.8ltr Gearbox:T5 5 speed Engine Mods:None Power:Not Much Exhaust:Made it's own sports exhaust with a rust hole Now fixed Diff:3.7 LSD Interior:Calais Velour Brakes:VT 2 Piston fronts, slotted rotors with QFM HPX pads Painted red...
  5. D


    Hi im new to this site:) This is my VP CALAIS.. Name: Damo Model: 1992 VP CALAIS Colour: White over Grey two tone Body Work: Factory Engine Type: 304 EFI V8 Engine Mods: Nothing i no of Exhaust: Extractors, 3'' Catback, Hi flow Cat Gearbox: Auto Diff: Farked LSD...
  6. V

    VP Calais Query!

    I was wondering if you guys could post me some pics of the rims you're rocking on your VP's. Been looking and looking and looking and I'm just not sure because I'm having trouble visualizing the rims on my car! Car is Navy Blue/Silver. Cheers, Alex
  7. E

    [SA] vp calais

    ITEM: vp calais LOCATION: SA, gawler. YEAR: vp calais, 1992 SERIES: VP s1 BADGE: CALAIS ENGINE: 3.8 buick TRANSMISSION: 4speed auto COLOUR: white over grey EXTERIOR CONDITION: very close to perfect, 2 dents in the whole car witch are very un noticeable. INTERIOR...
  8. R

    [SA] Clean Vp Calais 1993 Series II **SOLD**

    DESCRIPTION: Up for sale is my pride and joy my vp calais. It was my first car i ever bought and had it right through my L's and P's and have enjoyed every minute of it! I have had it for about a year now. Please note this car has NOT been thrashed as it was bought of a 60 year old asian guy who...
  9. R

    Waynes Vp Calais Series II

    This is my 93 Vp Calais Bought for $2500 with 200,000 km on the clock. The guy originally advertised for 4k but we somehow got him down to 2500. The paint is somewhat faded but doesn't look to bad. This is my first car and im reasonably happy with it. Any advice let me know! MODEL: 1993 SII VP...
  10. T

    Vp Calais central locking problem

    My Vp Calais central locking stopped working suddenly. The security still works when I press the remote but none of the locks come up. I'm thinking since they all stopped at once its not the actuators but more likely a fuse or relay. Does anyone know where the fuses/relays are located,they are...
  11. R

    Barina Springs in VP calais?

    just wondering if its alright for holden barina springs to be put in a series II VP Calais? is it legal and how low will it actually go? thanks!
  12. INNAWE

    Best exhaust for a VP V8 Calais

    Sorry if this thread has already been posted before but for the life of me I can not find anything in google to comfirm what I have heard. After the best system for a V8 VP Calais. As of yet nothing has been done to the internals of the motor, but will happen in the future so I dont want to...
  13. ducker85

    [SA] Maroon VP Calais 5L

    hey guys i think its time too sell my pride n joy n move onto new things so here it is it's got a 5L V8 with -CAI -pacemakers -3inch exhuast -fitted another trans (good as gold, shifts great) -LSD 3.55's -it's kinda low, havn't been defect in the past 14months sitting at this...