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vp commodore

  1. O

    VP with VS Statesman front - headlight wire up

    Anyone who has undertaken a Statesman front end swap on a VP have and advice on how to wire up the parking lights and the fog lights. I recently purchased a car with this conversion but the parking and fog lights have not been wired up. Does any know where to source the corrections connections...
  2. Filthy Mex

    3.8 VP Motor/Trans Rattle

    Hey guys. Needing some help diagnosing a rattle. So I own series 2 vp exec 3.8 auto and for about 2 weeks there's been this rattle at the back of the motor that started out small but has got real bad recently and I cant quite pick what it is. To top things off last night after work my trans...
  3. D

    VP burnout car

    Hey everyone, been using this forum for ages to help with my car but first time poster here. I've owned my 92 VP sedan for around 3 years now, bought it as a burnout car but only recently started getting stuck into it and looking for some tricks and tips I took the engine out and did all the...
  4. V

    304 knock--- Need help!!

    Gday guys New to the forum so would love your help. I've searched this forum and Google all over and haven't found a solution or answer to my problem, only threads that weren't completed, so thought I'd start a new thread. I've recently bought a VP s pack 304 factory auto, completely stock...
  5. I

    VP HSV tags replacement

    I have a VP club sport HSV have had it for years and a while back it was stolen and the plates and tags where taken but still has the vin on body now Im wanting to know if I can get new ones made or issued if I give the vin as I am giving it a full restoration. Please any info would be highly...
  6. Endlesssleettwo

    Loss of power in VP commodore

    Hey y'all I was wondering what could be the problem with my vp commodore I have lost all power to my indocators (hazards aswell) power windows in the front and interor light have replaced the fuses and still nothing but have power to tape player and lighter socket anything can help please n...
  7. G

    Ls1 enquiry

    I have a v6 vp commodore in the garage and I'm hoping to getting in to powerful machine I'm looking at an ls1 conversion. Is there anybody out there can help with figures or know what sort of tips I can ask for. Project car is a v6 vp commodore Want to drop a ls1...
  8. J

    VP doesn't start hot

    Hi guys, I have a 93 VP Holden Ute 3.8 litre. I'm having trouble with it not start after I've taken it for a drive, and sometimes it feels like it's chocking when I take off, it'll start only if I leave it for a night though to cool down. I just replaced the fuel pressure regulator, it also has...
  9. R

    VP Commodore, missing, chewing fuel and coil packs?

    Okay i have a 92 Vp, 3.6 auto This tank has got close to 500k on the clock, i paid next to nothing for het, but she is pristine... I have had nothing but respect for the old girl and treat it like royalty trying to make it last untill my new commodores shipped here from home NZ, SO I...
  10. V

    VP Security system - Need help

    Just purchased a 93' VP commodore S and I'm wondering what's the deal with the standard security/immobiliser system. How do I go about turning the system off, located in the passengers door jam. Do I need a specific key? Just as one of my remotes is fully flat and the other one is dying...
  11. I

    Should I buy vp Calais.

    Hey been offered a vp Calais auto v6 for 1g. New Zealand dollars. The back windows don't go down needs new taillights a power steering hose and a bolt in the steering rack for wof. Can buy it with wof and reg for 1.2g. Does this sound like a good deal? I currently have a vl that isn't going but...
  12. S

    Tail light problem

    Hey. I Bought a 92 vp a while back and it's finally up and running but the tail lights won't come on. I figured its a busted fuse but I'm not sure which one to change and my cover is faded to the point where it can't be read. Thanks guys.
  13. P

    Converting VP to VR Suspension with VT Brakes??? INFO or Ideas for Blown V6!

    I'm about to start a build and I'm thinking about converting my VP to VR front suspension and VT brakes. I want to scrap my VR and use as much as possible to update and make my VP safer and easier to work on. I want to use from the VR; control arms, shortened heavy duty struts, adjustable...
  14. VP_SV6

    my 1993 VP Berlina BT1

    Hi all thought id show off my new project i picked up needs TLC but is better than others i have had its a V6 BT1 berlina has elec windows aircon cruise control pwr steering alarm etc i plan to use my rusty VP to fix this BT1 it has only done 257090klm trying to find the build sheet at the...
  15. C

    Where to buy brand new VP Bonnet Hinges

    Hi guys, I'm in need of a pair of new VP Commodore Bonnet Hinges and the only place I can seem to find on the internet that stocks them is Holdens, does anyone know of anywhere else that may sell these for cheaper as Holdens have them for $90 each. Thanks :)
  16. R

    VP Holden - Painting dashboard

    I have a VP ute, with the sh*t brown interior, I want to change the color of the dashboard to a more modern dark grey or black. How would I go about removing the complete dashboard for painting & restoration? Would it be quicker if I bought another dash, fix it up at my leisure & then when...
  17. B

    Vp ute suspension

    I bought a lowered VP commodore ute with a large aluminium bullbar. As I travel on dirt road a lot the vehicle bottom out. I want to raise it up again and support the bullbar. Any suggestions?
  18. H

    Begginner VP Commodore Owner Interior Help :)

    This is my 1st Post.. Im buying a 93 VP tomorrow and I dont like the interior.. If i wanted to replace things like door trims, dash, seats etc.. is there another holden model that would fit straight in? Did this model come with options like leather seats, velour etc? Cheers Guys
  19. C

    Series 1 VP

    Hey guys not a frequent poster but definitely a frequent reader. Got myself a stock 91 vp with vy ss mags, I thought about doing a few things to performance.. but have realised the serious money that can be wasted and decided to put this on hold until i love the car a little more haha. But...
  20. J

    VY HSV Clubsport VP Aftermarket Front Bar Doesn't Fit VP?

    Hey, Here's the story... I got a VY HSV Clubsport body kit for my birthday a year ago off my mates. They got it a little cheaper than most sell for brand new off ebay, and they bought it for my VP. I never got around to fitting it, (the closest was sitting it near and around my car to see how it...
  21. C

    [QLD] Vp hard starting cold (and only cold)

    hey guys bought a vp commodore 3 weeks ago spent a bit of money on it but it takes a long time to start basically ill list what ive done to try correct the problem - new fuel pump - new fuel filter - new spark plugs - clean injectors ive also done a fair few other things but i dont...
  22. preston_e

    [QLD] 1992 VP Commodore White Auto **SOLD**

    ITEM: Holden Commodore auto white LOCATION: QLD Brisbane, south YEAR: 1992 SERIES: VP BADGE: Executive ENGINE: 3.8L V6 TRANSMISSION: Auto/ COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Paint is a bit old INTERIOR CONDITION: Missing glove box and broken fuse cover, center console...
  23. T

    Supercharged VP help

    hey guys, just supercharged my vp, just wondering what hose i have 2 disconnect from throttle body to the manifold? is it the big one like 16mm that is facing downwards of the throttlebody or one of the smaller ones coming of the front side of it? i disconnected the big one that comes from...
  24. Paul_grima

    How much??

    I have a 1992 vp executive. 252xxx km/s has 17" rims all round, has brand new tyres on front and roadworthy tyres on back the tail lights are slightly tinted and the dash has been painted white and black. Im looking to sell this car as i dont have the the time to get it roadworthy...
  25. xtreme_sony

    My VP Series 2, 3.8l Manual Sedan

    My Ride, Stereo: Alpine 9886i Head Unit (55wx4) Fusion 6.5" Splits - Front Fusion 6x9 - Rear Fusion 4 Channel Amp - Speakers Kenwood Mono Block Amp - Subs 2x12" Clarion Subs Exhaust: Wild Cat Extractors High Flow 2.5" Cat 2.5" Lukey Single Muffler Cat Back Chrome Tip - Bit Of...
  26. xtreme_sony

    Will A VN Boot Lid Fit A VP Commodore

    Howdy everyone, just took the spoiler off my vp, and i have found a vn boot lid, same colour, better paint than mine, no spoiler holes, they only want $20 for it. Will it fit a VP because its off VN ?. Cheers, for $20 heaps easier then boggin holes, :-)
  27. xtreme_sony

    Wanna Replace Rubber Gear Stick Boot With a Leather Soft One, Like in most Cars

    Hi everyone, I wanna replace the standard Rubber Gear Stick Boot in my VP Commodore with A leather soft one, Like what is in most cars. I was wondering if anyone knows where to get one that will be a direct fit, i can get a Universal and customized it, but i would rather if i could get one that...
  28. xtreme_sony

    Done 5Spd Conversion in VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?

    Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ? Done 5Spd Conversion in v6 VP, Now i want a manual tuned MEMCAL. Any1 Know ?. Im running the auto computer with modified auto loom, running fine. No probs. But i wouldn't mind to get a manual tuned MEMCAL to make my VP...
  29. xtreme_sony

    Please Help, Doing manual conversion and i used the auto flexplate bolt on manual fly

    Please Help,Doing manual conversion and i used the auto flexplate bolts on manual fly G'day, is it possible to use the Auto flexplate bolts into the manual flywheel, i put locktite on them all and they spun it a bit before they were finger tight then a turn or so with the torque wrench before...
  30. V

    VP Drivers Door Deadlocked

    Somebody recently tried and failed to steal my VP commodore wagon and in the process they stuffed up the drivers side door lock. As a result I had been using the passenger side door to deadlock and unlock the car. All was fine until my wife decided she needed to get something from my car and...
  31. V

    my vp exec

    hey guys bought a vp about a month ago and thought i would put up some details n pics of what i got. Ex - cop car so has been chipped. Car is lowered all round on FE2 suspension as this is a ex police car. Body- in Cardinal Red which is a Factory pearl colour, with a rear spoiler...