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vp conversion

  1. L

    Alloytech and 5 speed into vp?

    I'm looking into buying a vp wagon and its got 310000 km. I as thinking of putting a Ecotech in but I also wondered about putting a Alloytech in. Would they fit what else would I need to put it in? Would it be easier to put a Ecotech in. And would a manual gearbox off a Ecotech fit in a vp?
  2. B

    Vr Manual to vp Auto Conversion

    Hi, I recently bought a vr v6 manual gearbox and ecu with gearbox wiring and all the associated parts to bolt into my vp v6. I have a query regarding the gearbox wiring. What ecu should I use with the manual and also since my vp is auto and I have the vr manual wiring how do I wire in the...
  3. xtreme_sony

    Doing Manual Conversion On VP V6, Exhaust Question

    G'day everyone, i'm starting my manual conversion on Friday, i have heard that some Y-pieces of extractors are different from Auto to manual. I have WildCat Headers (WILD 32) they have a y-piece that goes eigther side of the Gearbox and the right pipe goes behind the gearbox to join up with the...