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vp ss commodore

  1. D

    VP SS surging/hunting idle after rebuild new 260 Cam

    Hi All I have a VP SS which has been recently rebuilt using a spare VS Stato V8 which was rebuilt with Flattop pistons we added a 4001 Crow Cam which is advertised as [email protected] or real [email protected] LCA 112 This has been a bit of a project and not many parts were in working condition so I would say...
  2. D

    Vp ss bonnet scoop, help

    Im pretty new to this..but I am currently looking for a bonnet scoop for my SS as shown in my pic. I'd be using a different bonnet to cut into so the original is untouched, any ideas? In particular a scoop with a vent at the front.
  3. B

    [QLD] VP SS, v8, manual

    ITEM: Holden Commodore VP SS. LOCATION: QLD, Cairns YEAR: 1992 - September SERIES: VP BADGE: SS ENGINE: 304 cui/5ltr HSV enhanced, 185kw V8 TRANSMISSION: 5sp Manual COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: Very good ( few minor stone chips) INTERIOR CONDITION: Perfect TYRE CONDITION: Front...