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vp ss

  1. Robert Peperz

    Shock replacement when raising car

    Hi all, Just bought a VP SS and getting it ready for roadworthy, at the moment it's lowered af and I'm looking to raise it back to standard height, just wondering if I can chuck in standard springs or if it paramount that the shocks get replaced too? I'm not particularly swimming in funds at...
  2. Heathenman13

    Advice SV5000

    Just scored genuine low kms SV5000 motor as replacement for engine i blew up in my 93 VP SS, Will this motor plug up to my car ok & will my VP V8 ecu be compatible to run this engine as it didint come with any wiring or ecu etc
  3. S


    Hey guys I am in need for a vp ss interior in good condition can anyone help me out I will pay good money
  4. C

    HSV/Momo VP Steering wheel

    Hi All, I've just bought a red VP SS....I'm reliving my P plate days in Sydney where this was my first car. I'm trying to track down the same steering wheel I had on the original car. Can anyone help with which HSV the above steering wheel came form? Thanks
  5. C

    VP SS fog light wiring diagram

    Hi guys im trying to track down the wiring diagram for the vp ss fog lights, i would like to install them on my calais but have no idea how they were wired up from factory, and i dont want to do a dodge job of it, any help would be much appreciated.
  6. D

    Vp ss bonnet scoop, help

    Im pretty new to this..but I am currently looking for a bonnet scoop for my SS as shown in my pic. I'd be using a different bonnet to cut into so the original is untouched, any ideas? In particular a scoop with a vent at the front.