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vp ute

  1. O

    VP with VS Statesman front - headlight wire up

    Anyone who has undertaken a Statesman front end swap on a VP have and advice on how to wire up the parking lights and the fog lights. I recently purchased a car with this conversion but the parking and fog lights have not been wired up. Does any know where to source the corrections connections...
  2. Dutchman420NZ

    VL RB K frame into VP??

    Hi all, im a Holden noob I want to go all out and RB my 1992 3.8 V6 Vp ute. Does anyone know if the VL RB K frame will bolt strait into my VP? I want to use an old VL as a donor car and pick parts/wiring off that, what other factors do i need to consider when attempting this engine swap? Cheers
  3. D

    how to tune a Vp ute with a twin throttle body

    Hi guys i have a vp ute with a home made twin throttle body and wanted to know how to tune it and stop it idleling so hard thanks
  4. C

    Lowering my ute

    Hey guys just looking at lowering my VP ute. I know this is on the VR-VS thread but they are more common in Utes anyway. Just after photos of your guys Utes on different heights so I can decide between lows and super lows
  5. C

    Clutch!!!!!!!Help me :axe:

    Hello on the way home yesterday I took my ute out of 5th gear and tried for 4th wen my clutch pedal dropped in feeling funny and I could then not select any gears until stopped on side of the road with motor not running cannot get her into gear while running...... It was suggested to me that the...
  6. D

    VP Ute level 3 dash lights not working

    Hey... I installed a level 3 dash cluster the other day, without the use of the 4th plug (didnt want to use it) but anyways. Installed everything correctly, plugs all pushed in correct and in the right spots. But when i went to drive the car at night the cluster lights didn't turn on. I've...
  7. R

    VP Holden - Painting dashboard

    I have a VP ute, with the sh*t brown interior, I want to change the color of the dashboard to a more modern dark grey or black. How would I go about removing the complete dashboard for painting & restoration? Would it be quicker if I bought another dash, fix it up at my leisure & then when...
  8. B

    new head unit for VP ute

    I am looking to put a new head unit in my VP ute. Any thoughts on a good one to suit?
  9. B

    VP ute

    Hi Commodore lovers. Im hoping someone can shed some light on this for me. My VP ute ran out of petrol and then wouldnt run on petyrol after that so I changed the fuel pump and it made no difference so I have tested the circuit and it appears to be all good so I pulled the pump out again and...
  10. C

    VP Ute Interior

    G'Day Guys, I have a column shift auto V6 VP ute that was in immaculate condition until it was stolen. Amongst other things, they smashed several plastic components to get access to the barrell and to remove the stereo. As it is a column shift, these parts are a bugger to find. Is...