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vp v6

  1. Lappy87

    Vp plus6 turbo?

    I recently got a vp hsv plus6 just wondering what the best turbo package for minimal money? Thanks
  2. B

    Dash lights & Interior Light Not Working

    Hi guys, I have a holden vp v6. I went to change batteries over and i accidentally put on the battery ports on the wrong ones like a idiot and it sparked up and i have checked fuses under steering wheel and they are all fine? Thanks.
  3. C

    coolant leak cant find where its coming from!! vn s2 engine

    hey guys just wondering if any one can give me some ideas on where to start looking its behind alternater and powersteering pump iv removed majority of the stuff in the way but still cant find where its coming from!! it streams down the driver side of engine onto engine mount, only just...
  4. T

    Fitting a 4L60-E VR tranny behind a VP/VN motor with no Cam angle sensor HELP!!

    Hey guys, Long time member, you guys really helped get my last truck "off" the road...was hoping I could get some more of your commo v6 wisdom...these are the best motors for 4wding in a hilux...so much poke for such a little truck! plus great fuel economy and drivability once you get em...
  5. V

    datsun 180b with a VP 5 speed v6

    hi guys, im putting a vp v6 motor into my 180b, motors all in, just need help with the wiring and loom what the **** do i do? haha just the bare minimum to get the car going, i will take the car to a auto elect when its driveable wiring diagrams would be good, or anything...
  6. V

    vp starts but wont rev

    i recently bought a vp v6 wagon and was told the only thing it needed to run was a fuel pump and ignition switch. i replaced both of those and the car starts but, the first few times it starts, it will only run for about 30 seconds then stall. after that, it could run anywhere between 5mins -...
  7. T

    Shift Kit

    Looking at getting a shift kit, heard stage 1 is the way to go for a passanger car, ebay has... T700 B&M SHIFT IMPROVER KIT VN VP COMMODORE BM 70239 - eBay Other, Performance Parts, Car Parts, Accessories, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 09-Aug-10 18:08:29 AEST) only $90 is this the proper...
  8. T

    Vp ecu

    Where abouts is the ECU located?, i have a preformance chip i want to install but dont know where to find the ECU, anyone know where abouts it is?
  9. T

    Locating the ECU?

    sorry guys, hate to ask but i cant find any sites sayin where to ECU is so i can install a chip, anyone able to tell us how? much appreciated:idea:
  10. G

    VP V8 into VS V6 Statesman

    Hello im new here but here go's The problem I am having is now the VP V8 is in the VS statesman there was a prob with wiring there are 2 clips on drivers side up at fire wall right in the corner 1 clip mached colors the lot its a big grey clip the other diff but we pushed foward we found 12v ecm...
  11. xtreme_sony

    Manual Conversion VP V6,Question About the Clutch Fork Cover (need quick replies)

    Yer hi guys i'm doing the conversion on my V6 VP, i dont have a clutch fork cover and i was just wondering if it's ok to drive with out it. Im in the process of ordering it. I found an aftermarket one for $30 + Post. So it will have one but not straight away, Is this OK ?. Thanks. :bow:
  12. Abrowne70

    Installing Extractors to a VP V6

    Hey guys Ive searched the forums and only found, how to install extractors to an ecotec. Now im wondering, do i have to remove the power steering components or can i squeeze extractors in and out without removing it. If there's a write up somewhere, i searched but couldn't find it and if...
  13. Abrowne70

    VP S2 Excutive - Going Fast, Cheap

    The VP S2 Executive - Going Fast, Cheap Hey guys, a few months ago i bought a granny spec auto VP commodore with 245,000kms on it. Im currently studying diesel mechanics and am hoping to get an apprenticeship in the next couple of months once my course has finished. So therefor money is...