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    [SA] For Sale: VQ II Statesman

    Item: VQ Statesman V8 Series II Price: $6000 or best offer without mags or $7200 or best offer with mags Location: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia Year: 24/6/1992 Series: VQ Series II Badge: Statesman Engine: Holden 5.0L EFI 304 V8, standard with new high performance ignition leads and...
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    VQ V8 Coil choice

    Hi, I am currently in the process of upgrading my VQ's electrical system and have already bought NGK semi-performance spark plugs, Top Gun Spark Leads 8mm performance, and am wondering if anyone can suggest a nice mild or high performance coil to suit. I was told by a mate that MSD coils are...
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    Timing Setting LPG 5L

    Hi, my VQ Statesman has a 5 litre V8 with an APA gas system fitted in 2007. I am aware that on normal petrol setting it should 10 degrees advanced from TDC. Just wondering if anyone knows what the timing is on an LPG fitted car?
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    LPG Removal from 5 Litre VQ

    Hi, my VQ Statesman has LPG, which I would like to remove or get removed. Does anybody know of a LPG Specialist around Adelaide, or a mechanic or business who could professionally remove my entire LPG System? It's barely any better for fuel costs, so why have it? And the power loss is extremely...
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    VQ Statesman Cheap Mods

    Just wondering, any suggestions of cheap or affordable mods to make the VQ V8 perform or look better. Cheers