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vr 1995

  1. H


    Hey guys, I have a series 1 vS statesman, 150,000ks service history etc etc. had it reparayed (professionally) so I'm not wanting to get rid of it easily/give up on it. Since buying off the first owner it's had new engine mounts, all new pulleys, new aircon compressor, new radiator new air...
  2. All style

    What do you think of my vr ?

    Hey guys what do you think of my 1995 VR Acclaim ? its my first car i brought it stock and i have done a few things to it but alot more has to be done yet :yeah::yeah::yeah: I Wanna get a kit and maby a tottal respray there is a Little bit of gutter rash :doh: my bad im also getting more...