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vr acclaim

  1. M

    Auto VR Acclaim, Stalls after reving straight after turning engine on

    Gday, This is my first post on here so don't really know how all this works, but im gonna give it a go anyways! I have recently finished putting my rebuilt series 2 buick back into my auto vr accalaim! finally got it running and what not, Had a slight missfire, fixed that. but i also came to...
  2. K

    95 VR Berlina Dash in 93 VR Acclaim?

    Ok i have a parts car thats a 95 VR Berlina (it has a busted chassis) and im just wondering if i could put the dash from that into my 93 VR Acclaim? and what other things would i have to do, like would i have to change the ECU or something as well?
  3. N

    Wiring through VR Acclaim firewall

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting wiring through a 1994 VR Acclaim firewall? Something quick and easy preferably! Cheers
  4. All style

    what body kit will fit my 95 VR Acclaim

    i want to know what body kit will fit my 95 vr acclaim ?? and is it a bolt on job or will cutting and fitting be nessery i want to get it sprayed also whats the price for a spray job ? and whats the normal price for a body kit ? thanks
  5. All style

    How do i put a cold air induction kit in my 95 vr acclaim ??????

    I am thinking of bying a cold air induction kit for my 95 VR ACCLAIM its got to big mods ( in engien ) all i have done to it is plugs and leads k&n pannal filter, so i asked some 1 elce what i could do and he told me a cold air induction kit is the best way, from a vs so i have hade i look at a...
  6. G

    VR With 3.9L (bored) VY ECOTEC V6

    Has anyone done an ECOTEC conversion into a VR Commodore, running the VR wiring and chip? Basically, I've had 4 motors in the car now (due to 2 VR motors throwing bearings on me, and having NOT been hammered, as well as the original motor having big-ends thrown when I purchased the car)...
  7. J

    My VR Acclaim

    Hey guys. Tell me what you think of my VR. Rear Superlow front superlow on SS VT rims. Thinking about buyin some VX GTS but bit short on funds at the moment. Tell me what else i can do and rate accordingly. Thanks
  8. G

    VERY URGENT: VR electrical issue

    Hi folks, I've previously started a thread in the VR/VS general section, with NO luck (as no-one has replied). My VR Acclaim (Series II - converted to BW T5) has a rather crippling electrical fault somewhere, and I need to know where to find it. Symptoms shown (or smelt): * blowing...
  9. G

    VR Fuel and Ignition Problems

    Hi folks, I've had the fuel pump in my VR replaced about 5 months ago, and recently had my tank replaced (as the patch that was on it (there when I got the car) was leaking through a crack, and hemoraging fuel). Friday night, I picked my wife up from work; and the car sat (off) at home for...
  10. Nemesis04

    VR 94 Acclaim L1 Cluster Pinouts/Info needed...

    Hi All, Am after the wiring diagram on the Level 1 Cluster, if anyone has it that would be awesome! If possible the wiring diagram for the BCM aswell, mainly pin outs and what controls what... Also, does anyone have any specifications on how the needles are controlled? whether its pulse...