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vr berlina

  1. Jordan sewell

    5l conversion wiring issues

    Hey guys I know this has been talked about all too much but I need some help with a manual vn 5l into a auto vr v6 berlina. i got the car already converted so I'm not sure what they have done but the speedo an reverse lights don't work but I'm wondering what would be the best thing to do to get...
  2. K

    95 VR Berlina Dash in 93 VR Acclaim?

    Ok i have a parts car thats a 95 VR Berlina (it has a busted chassis) and im just wondering if i could put the dash from that into my 93 VR Acclaim? and what other things would i have to do, like would i have to change the ECU or something as well?
  3. P

    Adam's Blue VR Berlina

    My new baby, VR Commodore Berlina. Purchased for $5500... Sorry if I sound a bit novice at this, I am not big on vehicle vocabulary! Details: Name: Adam Model: 94 VR Berlina Colour: Blue K's: 260xxx Engine Type: 3.8 Engine Mods: (No idea, not an engine bloke) Exhaust: 2.5' catback...
  4. P

    Custom VR setup questions...

    Hey there, I have just started setting up my own audio system in my car and just hit a few kinks in my road to success. First of all, my amp is a 2 channel 400rms jensen audio amp running a 1200w 12" pioneeer sub. Now, my problem is...my headunit has a subwoofer preout (1 female) whereas...
  5. sik_VR

    93 VR Berlina Head Unit

    I just got a head unit but I don't know how to get the dash and the face off.