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vr calais

  1. O

    How to drop in 5.0L V8 from VS SS into 3.8L VR Calais

    Hey all, I do apologise if this has been asked many times before as I could not find any exact answers. Am considering whether this conversion is fairly simple or not as I have another ongoing project. I currently have a 1993 VR Calais Auto, Series 2 if not mistaken, with cruise control. There...
  2. R

    Vr Calais no spark

    Hey guys just converted my vr Calais to 5 litre came out of a vr stato And now carnt get spark I've replaced Dizzy, coil and tested my ignition module on a mates car it's working fine any help would be great
  3. ebonymarie

    VR Calais Climate Control Problem

    hi, So a couple of months ago, my climate control stopped working. It kept frying fuses within a matter of seconds even when the car was only turn to accessories. We established that the whole engine loom has somewhat melted. We have just recently replaced the whole loom but the problem is...
  4. C

    Vr calais Head unit problems. Help.

    I've gotta 1994 calais 5L and I've installed an alpine CDA-137EBT headunit. Ive got everything connected corrected, however when reconnecting the battery there is a small electrical arch. if i disconnect the orange/purple cable (positive cable from the battery) from the headunit (yellow cable)...
  5. V

    VR 5.0L starting issues

    Hey Guys I need some help about 3 months ago my car died with no notice, since then i have replaced all leads, spark plugs, coil, dizzy (thinking it was the hall effect), ignition module. My spark comes and goes. I have done TDC after replacing dizzy. All grounds are fine as well...
  6. Y

    VR Calais, Doing it up

    Picked myself up with a VR Calais. Has currently a VN engine in it and a new Transmission. Have also just recently put on some 17" B-Boss Eleanor Rims. I dont know a great deal on cars, and being on P-Plates it limits the options of engine modifications i can make. Its a unique colour gold...
  7. J

    Eurovox MCC-8360V - (94) VR Calais wiring + Unknown plug

    Hi, I replaced the head yesterday. For a 94 VR calais - wiring color schema is completely different to listed here or from the eurovox. :hmmm: It would be more helpful going by pin No.# rather than loom color for specific units...anyhow. /whinge Obviously the fat orange/red wire was the...
  8. U

    Vr Calais, level 3 dash cluster problem (NEED ADVISE)

    Hay guys i just brought a Vr Calais and have encountered a problem with dash evry now and then then speed warning light, the tempreture light and the fuel light flash all at the same time. i just need to know if its gonna cost big bucks or an easy fix?

    Vr calais build

    heres my calais atm everything is stock
  10. F

    95 VR Calais - speedo/ dashboard light problem light problem

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your advice I have recently picked up the 95 Vr Calais, it a part time project, and my current everyday car. The problem i have was is no instrument lights, originally it was no parking lights as well but i checked the A/Market stereo wiring they came...
  11. J

    Towbar on VR Calais 5L?

    Hey Commies! I've got a quick question about my 93 VR Calais: I'm moving interstate, and was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to find someone to install a towbar for me, and how much it would approximately cost. I'm currently located on the Gold Coast, but have no problem...
  12. Dirbatua

    Dirbatua's VR Series 2 Calais 304 V8 :p

    Model: November 1994 VR Series 2 Calais Body Interior: Standard Calais Leather/Velour Calais Center Console Level 3 Cluster - Custom Face with LED Trip Displays Climate Control LED Changed Stereo/Electrics: Clarion 6.5" Rears Kenwood 6.5" Fronts Kenwood MP3 Headunit Electric Windows Electric...