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vr commodore

  1. H

    VR Wagon Not Cranking, Relay Not pulling in

    How’s it going guys, Having trouble with my wagon. Put Key in, turn it, wagon won’t crank. Starter relay isn’t pulling in, have tested it and the switched Earth it gets from BCM/ECU isn’t getting there allowing it to pull. Guessed at park switch, replaced it, still nothing. Bridged a known earth...
  2. Dj1crook

    vr commodore harmonic balancer removal

    g'day trying to remove the harmonic balancer on my vr as it let go (looks to be the original one as it only has three slots in the front) having trouble removing it. does anyone have any tips on removing them?
  3. W

    Engine wise.. what's the difference between the v6 3.8 buick exhaust manifold & the v6 ecotec?

    what's the difference between the v6 3.8 buick exhaust manifold & the v6 ecotec?
  4. Adrian's Vr

    VR restrictor

    So wikki says a stock vr v6 makes 130kw so i removed the restrictor in the plenum, added a cold air intake (with K&N) and sports 2.5" exhaust and it manual, adding vy injectors too. So because the forums is a good place does anyone know a rough estimate that it may make now? Maily how much kw is...
  5. Adrian's Vr

    Need wiring help

    Can anyone tell me what this wire connects to? This wire comes out of the loom right next to where the loom comes into the engine bay, it is a manual loom (converter from auto)
  6. Adrian's Vr

    How is the clutch pedal meant to sit? HELP

    Hi all just wondering, i have a VR with a T5, i recently bought a pedal spring that pushes the pedal up, now my pedel is "unadjustable" so does the GM spring push the pedel to the floor or and i adjusting it incorrectly?? Thanks
  7. C

    Fuel Issues 1994 VR Commodore

    Hello all. Before I start I apologise for the long rant. As the title says I'm having some serious fuel issues that I'm hoping I might be able to get some help. So the problem I'm having is the car idles fine and will drive OK when cold. But once warm it struggles to accelerate under any...
  8. 9

    Automatic VR Stalling.

    hello, I have a 1994 VR Holden Commodore which i am having a few problems with at the moment. At times when I first start my car it stalls and I have to have my foot on the accelerator for it to turn over, and at lights the revs sometimes drop to a point where the car stalls. I have asked...
  9. L

    [VR-VS] How to: Replacing the PCV Valve on a VR V6 Commodore (March 1994 Model)

    This guide will help you replace the PCV Valve or Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve in a VR V6 Commodore (March 1994 model) For this guide to work you must first remove the Alternator as described below, this will get you better access to the big nut that holds the PCV valve in, using a...
  10. J

    Vr hazard problem.

    Hazard switch was broken, so replaced with a second hand that seemed to be ok. Then my kid pressed the button and hazards wouldnt turn off. Located hazard fuse to try and bypass switch so as to use blinkers but blinkers dont work still. Do you think its the switch? Should i get another switch?
  11. shedevil666

    VR calais 5.0L into vr EXECUTIVE

    hey guys, I have done a conversion from 5.0l Calais to executive. I have the car started I have reds, and break lights but no head lights or tail lights ! ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE and the only thing I have un hooked is Neons that were on the car before I got it the switch on thee dash...
  12. F

    What's going on? 94 VR. MAP Sensor?

    Fixing up the 94' VR V6 and got one issue that I just can't seem to scratch off the list (beginning to frustrate) In idle with no load, the car will rev smooth with no problem, occasionally jumping up then back down and then coming back down. Whilst in gear and idling, it will run rough and...
  13. F

    Suspected MAP Sensor. Gurus Please Confirm

    Fixing up the 94' VR V6 and got one issue that I just can't seem to scratch off the list (beginning to frustrate) In idle with no load, the car will rev smooth with no problem, occasionally jumping up then back down and then coming back down. Whilst in gear and idling, it will run rough and...
  14. T

    Need help with front struts on my vr

    Hi my front strut has popped up (pictures attached) and i'm not sure why wondering if someone can tell my why it has happened, and if it is fixable without buying a whole new strut. After I go for a drive then open the bonnet it extends up with the bonnet like shown on the picture. I can squash...
  15. B

    Check Engine Light/Limp mode

    Hey, I have a 1994 VR Commodore V6 auto and about 2 weeks ago the check engine light came on, after turning it off and starting it the next day it was gone but a few days after that it was back, each time for longer periods of time and each time it went into limp home mode when the light came...
  16. V

    dash lights don't work

    hey I recently put led lights in my dash and for some reason they won't light up but if I turn the lights off they light up I have it pulled apart as we speak so any help would be great thanks oh its a vr wagon ( vr lexen)
  17. J

    Interior light and green ignition light in my VR wont turn off when i lock the car

    Only just randomly started happening lastnight. Main interior light and the green light next to the ignition key hole are constantly on. No idea why it's started happening. It's only those 2 lights! :idea3:
  18. M

    VR Abs light Stays solid while bridging Pin 5 , 12

    Hi, I found somewhere a list of ABS codes for the VR and because mine has a abs light that is staying on I thought I might give it a go and see what code comes up. So I Bridged pins 5 and 12 but nothing happened, the light just stayed on solid. I had the ignition off bridges the pins the...
  19. R

    knocking noise and tingy noise

    Hello everyone i have a loud knocking noise that happens when i put my car into gear and when i speed up as soon as i take my foot of and it changes gear it knocks loudly and if i keep it in second gear when i put my foot down suddenly it does it and if i take my foot of suddenly it does it. i...
  20. J

    vr commodore stud pattern help please

    my parents have a holden cruze 2011 model im pretty sure, they have 20inch king rogue wheels on it, and they are selling that car and they said i can have the rims if they fit my car, i just want to know if they will fit my vr commdore 1994 before i take off my wheels and stuff please help someone
  21. vscom88

    VS Transmission Mount ( AUTO )

    Hey, I've just put a VT engine in my VS wagon and have done the necessary work to make it suit vs, now while trying to mount the tranmission up i stumbled across a problem. I actually cannot get the mount to line up with the black plate underneath it ? it's a few mm off here n there with leway...
  22. Chady

    [VIC] VR/VS V6 Performance Mods for sale

    LOCATION: VIC - Ringwood 3134 CONDITION: Used PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] / 0404 251394 SMS Only please ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Alpine CDE-121E CD Tuner - $100 (RRP $199) Specs -...
  23. I

    vr acclaim gerking and power problems when i put my foot down

    hi i seriously need help ive got a vr acclaim v6 n ive just replaced the fuel injectors as i thought it was the problem but before i did that my car was gerking and loss in power.... no have replaced injectors and still got the same problem please help as im very confused cheer's
  24. Chady

    [VIC] Misc Parts for sale. (Wrecking VR V6 Auto)

    Created a new thread. http://forums.justcommodores.com.au/parts-other-items-sale/206756-vr-vs-v6-performance-mods-sale.html
  25. B

    VR ABS rear brakes spin with brakes oushed on

    G'day everyone. I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or not and need to use the collective grey matter to find a solution to this query. My son has a VR with ABS. He complained to me about the brakes not being very good. I checked it out and found no leaks and the pads are reasonably new...
  26. aj159

    ajs vr manual converted commodore

    Heres my first car... owned it for about a year and a half now Ok so when i bought it, it had the great blue with roof in primer, cracked radiator and power steering leak.... all in all was a great buy for 500 took it home put a new radiator (that i had down the back) in and got a high tension...
  27. J

    can i put a vr v6 into a vn s2 both auto?

    I have a vn commodore auto sedan v6 series 2 with a blown motor and i have a vr v6 available. Can i bolt the vr motor to the vn box and also will the wiring be the same? Has anyone done this? I have heard all different opinions on this by my mates.
  28. L

    how do i install a sc14 supercharger on a vr commodore

    i brought a sc14 supercharger with all the brackets and piping just need help on how to install it
  29. B

    Question about replacing the Body Control Module.

    I have a '95 VR Ute. I went to get a new key cut from Holden and they had troubles with it, So they booked my car in to get looked at. They frigged around with this, that and everything else and have now hit me up with an $840 bill, and my car is unable to be started. I've already been...
  30. V

    Installing a towbar for Vr Commy, solid diff.

    Gday all, ive recently purchased a towbar setup with all the bolts etc from ebay, my problem is is that by the design of it it looks like i may have to drop the fuel tank to access the bolt holes needed. I've searched these forums but found no where that the tank needs to be dropped...
  31. BE39ER

    Jerry's 94 VR Berlina project Video

    Hey guys, Just thought id throw up a lil vid I made of my project Vr. ‪Vr Commodore project‬‏ - YouTube I hope you enjoy watchin it as much as I enjoy drivin it :)
  32. Commo_Carl

    Code 13 - Oxygen Sensor (O2) - No Signal

    Long story short. About 2 months ago, got engine warning light come for 30 sec or so then went. (Knew it'd be nothing really bad as I've only just put a new motor in) Since then have put an A/F gauge in and have been able to see what exactly is going on with the mixture. As fuel...
  33. S

    Vr runs like junk

    Hi, feedback is appreciated. With my VR V6, recently it seems to idle a bit rough, there was a miss but it seems to have been fixed with new leads and plugs, it still idles rough when its warm and when I am braking heading toward traffic lights or whatever it sometimes stalls when almost...
  34. V

    VR Acclaim trouble starting

    Hey well my sisters VR Acclaim's been doing something weird lately, when you turn the key the lights on the dash all come on and you get that really quiet initial sound from the engine bay but the car wont turn over. Any ideas why this may be? Also the lights on the dash stay on untill it...
  35. B

    Optimum water temp for vr commdore?

    Hi guys just wondering what the optimim water temperature is for a vr commodore, only mods are blue top extractors and a 2.5" straight through. cheers
  36. B

    Custom Memcal of slightly modified VR

    Hey does anyone know someone or someone on this sight do custom memcals for a manual Vr with bluetop injectors, 9mm leads, quad electrode sparky's a 2 1/2" cat back. Im lookin for a memcal tune that will give me more explosive acceleration. Thanks to anyone that can help
  37. R

    94 vr statesman caprice i need firing order for my v8

    hi guys and gals im new here so please be nice! :P so ive been searching the forums for a firing order for my V8 94 VR STATESMAN CAPRICE and cant seem to find one i did find one for the VS and was just wondering if it would be the same if not could someone please direct me into the right...
  38. J

    What to rebuild with??

    hello all again i have a vr v6 motor and i want to rebuld it but i dont know what i want to do with it like cam and roller rockers and so on anyone got some combo's that will go nicly togethor for some nice hp figures or a strong engine with good power??
  39. R

    Ongoing Sparkplug Problems.. Now Sparkplugs are tinted orange....

    My VR Exec was recently idling real rough. I bought all new bosch leads and bosch spark plugs and fitted them. Car was running smooth for 2 months with no problems then again it started idling rough again, not as bad this time. Checked all plugs and leads once again, car ran smoothly for a month...