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vr executive

  1. H

    What should i do to my 1994 vr executive?

    I have a white 1994 vr exec. i was just after some help in what i should do to it to dress it up a bit. should i put a body kit on it or should i just lower it? i have put on those 19' pdw wheels on it also
  2. 9

    VR Executive Series 1 V6 Auto advice

    Hey all, just joined to finally ask a few questions I can't seem to find answers to. I'm picking up a 94 VR Executive in about a week (:surprise:), it's the v6 auto model. It's got extractors, custom exhaust system, and I think it's been lowered; but the previous owned put this horrible fake...
  3. Zarconia

    Headlights Not Working

    Gday fellas i have a 94 VR exec and am having problems with my headlights. Now they turn on but not all the way, like they go into park but do not fully turn on. High beam works fine. I was on my way to work a few weeks ago while it was raining and noticed my wiper blades were going spastic, had...
  4. smurfman

    My 94 white vr Exec Sedan My First Car

    Name: Tyler Model: 1994 VR executive KM's: 242XXX Colour: Standard White Engine Type: 3.8L Buick Engine Mods: pacemaker extractors Exhaust: 2.5 inch lukey exhaust Gearbox: Auto Diff: Standard Brakes: Standard. Suspension: Fronts = SL's, Rears = SL's (King Springs) Wheels/Tyres: WM...
  5. Lamby22

    My VR Executive - First Car!

    Name: Nick Location: South Australia Car: VR Commondore 1993 Gearbox: Stock Auto Stereo: JVC Headunit, Stock Speakers, US Audio Amp, 1x US-Audio 15" sub. Wheels: 15" Stocks (not for long :D) FUTURE MODS: White Side Mirrors VY SS 17's Calais Taillights Whats everyone reckon? It's starting...