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vr ll

  1. Braydenreid

    manual pedal assembly

    my manual pedal assembly has a crack in it and i wanted to know if there is anything i need to know when changing it? like losening f the clutch cabe? wat about the brake booster? will fluid come out? cheers
  2. Braydenreid

    clutch/brake pedal plate craked!?

    since the plate is cracked could it make it harder for the clutch to engage properly n make it harder to change gears?
  3. Braydenreid

    vr ll gear changing hard?

    i recently bought a v6 vr ll and the guy told me it had a heavy duty clutch but the clutch has the got literrally all the way to the floor and it engages as soon as i movemy foot the littlest bit. and you have to slam it into gear? the prevoius owner snapped the gear stick because its so hard...
  4. Braydenreid

    vr manual gear box difference?

    this will sound silly but i was wondering how to tell what gear box (getrag or t5) is in a vr ll v6? at the bottom of the bell housing there is 4 bolts.. if that helps? becasue i know they have dfferent bell housing.. cheers