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vr ss commodore

  1. L

    Gearbox id ?? vr ss series 2

    Can anyone help me with identifying my gear box i assume its a 4l60e but is it 4hdd or 5 hdd ... is there a tag somewhere ?? cheers guys for any help... i found a used auto box for sale or 880 with 3 months warranty and just wanna make sure i buy the right one cause they have 2 there......
  2. L

    Any gearbox experts out there ??

    well my vr ss gearbos **** it self today and the town i live in (port pirie) i can only find one trans mech and he quoted me 2500 for a reco 4 speed auto fitted ... now for that price i could buy a whole other cheap car my question is i always wanted my car a manual so i could either try and...
  3. B

    my first v8 ...vr ss commodore

    hey guys im new here, i just bought a 95 vr series 2 ss off a mate whose had it garaged for about 8 years ... i have always loved the car and drove it when i was 19 and now 9 years later he is finally parting with it and i snapped it up for what i think is dirt cheap ... as far as i no its stock...