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vr ss

  1. Fridgy

    Vr ABS

    Hey Guys has anyone upgraded the original Abs pump from a vr ss have replaced 2 and both have failed! Any solutions Cheers
  2. S

    Vr ss overheating

    I've got a problem with my vr ss no mater what I'm driving like it overheats within 20-30 minutes goes all the way to hot it's got a new water pump the thermostat is fine and I've just flushed and put new coolent in any idea why it would be over heating?
  3. RaySS

    1993 series 1 vr ss body loom

    Hi all I'm after a body loom for a 93 s1 vr ss. Must be in good order. It's irs model, cruise control, elec windows, no airbag, automatic trans. My stereo illumination wire has burnt right through my loom. Or does anyone know anywhere I could get one I'm in Victoria. Much appreciated thanks guys
  4. L

    [SA] Chasing a vr v8 atuo trans

    Hey guys im chasing a used or reco box for my ss and new to south australia so any tips on some good wreckers would be great
  5. Gunzero

    [VIC] (WTB) VR VS SS or S-Pack Bodykit

    DESCRIPTION:Wanted to Buy ITEM:VR VS SS or S-Pack bodykit (Front bar Complete With lower lip, Rear bar lower lip and Side skirts) LOCATION: Melbourne VIC 3025 CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will Pick up from your place (VIC Only) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay no more...
  6. Jezmont

    1994 vr ss

    Hi After seeing some awesome rides up here thought I would share my ride. Cheers for looking! Name: Jez Model: 1994 VR SS Colour: Red Hot Body Work: SS Kit modified to stock with foggies in tact, Bonnet Spray, Custom paint job Engine Type: 304ci V8 Engine Mods: Full...
  7. Jezmont

    304 SS to 355 Stroker

    Hey all, I have a VR SS 304 that I am planning on blowing out to 355 stroker. The current engine is mildly worked with ported heads, stage 2 cam, memcal, high flow fuel pump, CAI, extractors and a few other mods, it goes very hard but want to do something different. Does anyone know the best...