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vr ute

  1. 1994 Holden VR Ute

    1994 Holden VR Ute

    Pick this up cheap with mods done as follows. 4.3 pro stroke stroker engine. 70mm tb 330mm frotors twin pot calipers rear hsv vented rotors. Rear bags pedders coilovers factory manual 20" wheels extractors 2.5" exhaust and some minor other bit.
  2. G

    Vr ute with ecotech conversion won't fire

    Hey guys, can't seem to find an explanation anywhere so thought I'd throw this up and hope I could get some answers, So I've recently bought a vr ute with a vs ecotech conversion, kept the vs engine loom and replaced the ecu and bcm with the vs ones along with keyhead, now I can get it to turn...
  3. A

    95 Vr V8 manual ute

    Hi all, I own a Vr 5L V8 ute which died on me whilst on my way to work. I noticed that morning when i left for work when i put my foot down it'd hesitate before revving. When the engine stalled out it would kick but not fire so i got it towed to the mechanic who said it was putting out a fault...
  4. C

    Lowering my ute

    Hey guys just looking at lowering my VP ute. I know this is on the VR-VS thread but they are more common in Utes anyway. Just after photos of your guys Utes on different heights so I can decide between lows and super lows
  5. B

    vr commdore ute filler hose

    hi. I was just wondering if anyone knows what size the hose is in between the tank and the filler neck in a vr commodore ute?
  6. B

    1995 VR commodore ute v6 steering rack

    hi. I have to replace the steering rack in my vr ute and i have been told by a mechanic that there is 2 types of rack for the vr. Something about a variable speed rack which has a solenoid and hardens the steering when you go faster and a standard one which stays the same with no solenoid.. I...
  7. R

    Vr S2 s PAC ute power window and cruise installation

    Hey guys I have a vr ute that i want to put cruise and power windows in I have a series one vs sedan sitting in my back yard would all the wiring be there for both things and can I use vs parts?
  8. O

    Vr panelvan

    Hey everyone :) I've got a vr ute and want to turn it into a panelvan. I want to put a hq chassis in and custom fabricate the whole panelvan structure myself. Does anyone know any good automotive engineers in the illawarra/ sydney area that I could talk to regarding this? thanks.
  9. D

    L67 rear main seal

    Hey everybody! Got a curious one for you, just to see if anyone knows before I ring Holden back and ask them during daylight hours. I've got an L67 and I bought a new rear engine plate for it from Holden. It comes with the rear main seal installed already, but it's actually in backwards...
  10. O

    Hiding wiring in the engine bay

    I own a Vr v6 ute and i want to hide the wires in the engine bay to neaten it up. How hard is it to hide them? should I get an electrician to check it after Ive done it?
  11. low vs

    Show us your vr vs utes!!!

    Im a big fan of these utes having owned both... just wana see all the tuff utes out there,com'on guys i know theres alot of vr vs utes out there so show us ur pride and joy,tell us about ur mods... ok ill start... extractors exhaust twin cats 70mm throttle body cai with k&n...
  12. AlexR

    94 S ute

    G'day all, Young bloke here, 2 years off from getting L's (hahaha), But have had a bit of driving experience, learnt to drive at 12-13ish in a 5spd excel, bit of experience in the ute (auto fail 4spd yes I would've liked the 5spd better :P). (Learnt to drive on private property). Without...
  13. LordDingustine

    VR Ute : Tray Panels

    Hey guys LAst wk i was unscrewing all the panels off the tray (on the inside) and most have nothing in them at all... but there are two about half way back, both are little ovals about 6 cm long and have wat I can only assume is a power supply or something in them... Not 100% sure but if...
  14. LordDingustine

    Commodore VR Ute (AKA:Brutus)

    Hey guys, yer im a newbie to this whole thing. Just bought myself a VR ute, added the nose scoop and skirtings, and then 19" rims:D V happy Built in a subby box and running that and pioneer deck, tweeters and two front spkrs from alpine amp. Next step is a metallic paint interior, going for...
  15. LordDingustine

    VR Engine Trouble Supercharged ????

    Hey I just bought a VR ute, been makin a few adjustments here and there. But i got it from a guy who i'm pretty sure was a fairly dodgey electrician and may have at one point supercharged the V6 engine, although when selling it removed all the charging gear. The ute runs fine but does sound...