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vr v6

  1. Commo_Carl


    Hey guys, Thought i'd share this video for anyone wanting to know how to install an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator (mainly for the guys running boost like myself) - though can be done purely for aesthetics ;) This was done on my 300rwkw+ custom turbo VR V6 Turbo Ute, though this...
  2. Z

    VR V6 tranny compatibility,

    Hi guys im looking to find out if a vn v6 transmission would fit into a '93 vr v6. I've just bought the vn transmission, just want to confirm they fit before i put this one in.
  3. F

    V6 Crank Shaft Pulley - Death Rattle

    Hi all, For a while now, my V6 VR has been running rough and shaking the engine in low revs, sounding and running like the timing is off. Code 56 "Lean under Load" keeps on being logged too. Whilst driving, a loud noise came from the engine and chunks of rubber were coming off the crank...
  4. G

    Vr v6 transmission mount

    So here is my problem. The car is a 94 VR V6 Automatic Just changed my engine mounts and decided to change the trans mount at the same time. When i bought the mount from Veale's he gave me a mount with 4 large holes and 2 smaller holes. Now i know the smaller holes are to bolt the mount...
  5. D

    vr blowing excessive black smoke

    Ok so I had the car at the mechanics to have the trailing arm bushes done.. I've got it back blowing a **** load of black smoke, idle is going mental, too high, then crashes and stalls.. it used half a tank to drive 32ks.. it didn't do this before it went in there and they had no need to touch...
  6. A

    S/C'd VR V6 - Nitrous Applications

    ok peoples, my engine + s/c is finally nearly ready to pickup. consists of fully custom built forged v6 (internals are secret - shhhh) + intercooled and water injected vortec charger with aftermarket ecu, full race fuel system (including surge tank/dual pumps etc). the engine hasnt been...
  7. HuskeyVR

    My vr berlina

    Hey there picked up a 94 berlina auto for $2,500 and so far its got a 2nd stage shift kit sports exhaust and chipped and K&N uni filter and i just put some 245/35R19's on it My plans are S-pack CIA, a bigger cam and maybe port polish, LSD, tint a car octane tint, putting in my bucket seats...
  8. Braydenreid

    [ACT] vr v6 motor **SOLD**

    ITEM: Vr V6 Motor & wring loom & ECU *SOLD* LOCATION: act CONDITION: used 227 xxx kms PRICE: $170 ono DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: picky up or arrange own courier PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer CONTACT DETAILS: [email protected] 0425693052 OTHER...
  9. M

    vr loosing coolant

    hi people ive got a 95 vr v6 and everytime i fill my cooling reserve bottle up but the next morning its empty, there is no water in the oil no gunk no water in the throttle body it spits out a bit of water out the exhaust but i guess thats normal, the temp never goes past half but always stays...
  10. M

    My Car Stalls!! Please HELP

    Ok so i have a vr commy but A CONVERSION with a vy v6 (03) engine AUTO in it and the wiring loom is from a VS 97 Model.. The car has pacemaker extractors, 2.5 inch redback sports, highflow cat, 1:9:1 high ratio roller rockers, memcal from MACE, CAI ,LSD, 3:4:5 Gears, but anyway before i did...
  11. J

    new 70mm throttle body has slack how to fix?

    I just did some work on my 93 vr v6 genie extractors 70mm genie throttle body chip and new sports exhaust but when I put my foot down the throttle dose not start getting any grip till about half way and its getting hard to use i have a auto so ya you see my prob having no revs is there a...
  12. V

    Stage 3 shift kit information

    Hey im doing up my VR V6, currently being resprayed, got 4.11 and minispool to wack in, in the market for an auto, thinking stage 3 fully manualised, 2500 stall with a b & m quick shifter. soon to be turboed. Just wanted to know with a stage 3, if the auto is in D, will it shift through the...
  13. M

    Vr V6 Engine Blew up??

    I was raced my mate 6 times and averaged 190km, the good thing is that i bet him ahaha ,but now i think i blew up my motor because there was a top end sound rattling and my mate said my bearing are gone becasue i didnt have much oil and cause my car had done 330,000,000km.. So im just wondering...
  14. V

    Need ideas for worked VR V6.

    Hey im pullin the donk out this week to get into it haha. Lookin a warmin it up abit, just want some ideas and opinions. making a list heres what i got so far. *roller rockers. 1.8.1 i suppose. * stage 2 cam *supercharged vt injectors? *heads shaved abit. mayb 20 thou or so? not to much as...
  15. nathanVY

    VR exec. advice for servicing auto and changing all filters

    hey everyone, gonna try and service my transmission and change my fuel and oil filters this weekend. never done this before. I have already: - Auto Trans Service Kit (gasket and filter) - Fuel Filter - Oil Filter I'm gonna need some gasket glue/sealant some trans fluid and some...
  16. V

    Custom Intake manifold VR V6

    Hey just wondering if anyone has an intake setup like this? Or knows of any kits available. Cheers.
  17. V


    Hey, im after some turbo manifolds as im thinking of turbo-ing my VR V6 if anyone has any for sale. Also if anyone was willing to give me some pointers and direct me in the right ways i would be more than greatful. What do i need? *turbo manifolds *turbo *all intercooling piping *BOV...
  18. Jezmont

    v8 conversion

    Hey all, Im in the process of converting my recently seized V6 3.8 on my VR to a V8 and just looking for some advice or guidance. I've read up on heaps of other posts but wanted to see if there were different perspectives. Firstly, I know most people will say dont waste your money and all...