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vr v8

  1. Critterkent


    My ute has just had a rebuilt trans fitted by a transmission shop. when I first picked it up there was a little rattle when started. Now 2 weeks later the rattle is constant on acceleration. Took it back to the transmission shop and I was told it was not coming from the transmission. I think it...
  2. B

    vr v8 5 speed convert no spark

    just finished 5 speed conversion using everything from my written off vr ute, got auto selector hooked up so says park, ignition module good coil WAS good, dizzy has power, swapped dizzies for hall effect sensor, no luck, swapped key bcm ignition module and coil no spark, got a mate to look on...
  3. SUSS8

    Muss' VR Calais 5.0L

    SUSS-8 VR Calais 5.0L V8 Okay, Well I've been on the site for a while so Ive decided to post some details of my car. SO here goes: Odo: 169,xxxKMS - When I bought it. Now its 177,xxx KMS. Colour: Blue Over Silver Engine: Stock 304 V8 Transmission: Fully Rebuilt 4L06E + Stage II Shift Kit...
  4. K

    VR runs rough, electrical issue

    Hi All, Hoping for a bit of advice with a new issue on my VR v8. Recently got it back from the Panel beaters, got a door replaced and the front bumper done as well thanks to a little old lady reversing into it. Anyhoo, Got it back and she was driving fine, almost home and went to press...
  5. Jezmont

    304 SS to 355 Stroker

    Hey all, I have a VR SS 304 that I am planning on blowing out to 355 stroker. The current engine is mildly worked with ported heads, stage 2 cam, memcal, high flow fuel pump, CAI, extractors and a few other mods, it goes very hard but want to do something different. Does anyone know the best...
  6. Jezmont

    v8 conversion

    Hey all, Im in the process of converting my recently seized V6 3.8 on my VR to a V8 and just looking for some advice or guidance. I've read up on heaps of other posts but wanted to see if there were different perspectives. Firstly, I know most people will say dont waste your money and all...